Monday, April 29, 2013

APOLOGY - the first issue

Apology is a new magazine of art, fiction, games, humor, essays, interviews, journalism and photography. 

After working at hipster bibles like Index and Vice, journalist Jesse Pearson, 37, has launched Apology—a smart quarterly of literature, reportage, art, and humour—this month. Pearson says the publication is a rectification of sorts for his youthful transgressions — a reference perhaps to Vice’s infamous interviews with nubile nude girls, among other controversial pieces. Apology’s cool-kid photography by Ryan McGinley and Roe Ethridge, and humorous riffs by Lesley Arfin and Chelsea Peretti, will be supplemented by such features as a lengthy discussion on the semicolon, an endangered animal and a revealing visit with poetry’s √©minence grise John Ashbery.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

AN INVITATION TO STAGE - Auditorium Magazine

New in our shop this surprising magazine about performing & performances called AUDITORIUM; it celebrates all stages; film, opera, fashion, anyone who takes the limelight is highlighted in this rather extraordinary magazine.

auditorium issue 1
 from Monika Krueger on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

cats in the second world war

Duizenden boeken zijn er geschreven over de Duitse bezetting van Nederland tussen 1940 en 1945. Collaboratie, verzet, vervolging, de hongerwinter, geallieerde strijd op Nederlandse bodem en bevrijding, komen daarin gedetailleerd aan de orde. Toch is er in die literatuur een onderbelicht aspect: hoe verging het Nederlandse huisdieren in die jaren, met name de poes? Parooljournalist Paul Arnoldussen dook in de levensomstandigheden van poezen tijdens de bezetting. In zijn studie Poes in verdrukking en verzet 1940-1945 - tevens De Poezenkrant 57 - speurt hij naar die leemte in de geschiedschrijving over de bezetting. Door martin smit.

     Over het lot van huisdieren tijdens de bezetting is weinig bekend. In literatuur over die tijd is daarover niets of nauwelijks iets terug te vinden. In archieven van instanties als de Dierenbescherming of de Sophia-Vereeniging tot bescherming van dieren, nog minder. Paul Arnoldussen - wekelijks vult hij in Het Parool een pagina met Amsterdamse historische onderwerpen - verdiepte zich in het lot en de rol van poezen tijdens die donkere jaren.
Harde cijfers over poezen in oorlogstijd heeft hij niet boven water kunnen halen, zo erkent hij. Maar uit mondeling overgeleverde verhalen, fragmenten uit de literatuur, en vooral uit kranten uit de oorlogsperiode, weet hij een representatief beeld te schetsen van de poes in oorlogstijd. Tegelijkertijd geeft hij een onthutsend beeld van een opmerkelijke tweeslachtigheid in de samenleving: terwijl duizenden Nederlandse Joden werden afgevoerd, hield menigeen de dierenliefde hoog in het vaandel.
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


for the cultural & visuality hungry

We wanted to celebrate the success of young women in music and who better to grace our covers than Jessie J, Rita Ora, Grimes, Iggy Azalea, Gabrielle Aplin and A*M*E. But the question remains – who’s your favourite?
only 8.99

Monday, April 22, 2013


This Friday we are part of the Night Bazaar at Trouw Amsterdam! Art, fashion, food, activities and ofcourse that night we will be selling the magazine's we love so much.

Entrance for the Night Bazaar is free from 19.00 to 22.00. Full = full, so don't be late!

Aankomende vrijdag maakt het Nieuwscentrum deel uit van de Nachtbazaar in de Trouw Amsterdam! Kunst, kleding, eten, activiteiten en natuurlijk zullen wij die avond tijdschriften verkopen die wij tof vinden.

Entree voor de Nacht Bazaar is gratis van 19.00 tot 22.00. Vol = vol, dus wees op tijd!



Friday, April 19, 2013

interview with surf magazine ACID from Barcelona

We have a new cool surf magazine in our store from Barcelona. Great design, looking at surfing from many angles, nice photo's of the ocean.
We asked editor Olivier Talbot some questions about his magazine.

What distinguishes ACID from other surf magazines?
We don't come from a surfing background so I suppose that's the main thing that sets us apart. We approached surfing quite late, coming from skateboarding and in the mediterranean sea, so nothing too surfy there.
We try to make a magazine that's intellectually stimulating and in touch with contemporary culture but that remains a source of motivation to go surfing and a fun read. On the one hand we want to fit lots of great things that somehow relate to surfing and surprise readers; on the other we'll make you want to go surf.
Why did you start a magazine?
Well it felt like there was not so many publications about surfing we liked, either online or in print and it seemed like a fun project within our reach, so we tried. The magazine format looked like the right thing to do with the perspective we had in mind and we're quite happy with the result.
Why did you name the mag ACID?
It's a tribute to some good friends' skateboarding magazine who've helped out launching Acid. It's called Soma, after the government-fed drug in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. And we like the idea of a slightly corrosive take on our subject matter. 
What’s your favourite place to surf?
La Barceloneta, in Barcelona. It's the whole city's go-to beach, a 5-minutes walk from the office and that's where we learned surfing. I wouldn't say it's good by any standards but it has its days and given it's pretty much downtown it's quite a circus. At least half of what we blog about is from that beach.
What are your favourite magazines?
A couple:
- Freestyler, a discontinued french skateboard and snowboard magazine because it was very funny and later became Soma.
Sang Bleu, because it's very eclectic and singular
Qompendium, although it's not really a mag, was a nice surprise when it came out.
Foam is well done too, a bit formal but really well done
Dank, a norwegian skate magazine that's just right on
Fluff a super funny and well done skate mag from the Netherlands

We like magazines rich and rhythmic, with variety and ruptures but yet holding themselves together. All in all stimulating mags whatever the field.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


We heard something was cooking in the kitchen of IT's NICE THAT (some people might remember the art magazine with the same header) And when they cook something up, you can be sure its worth it's while! First, they know how to make a Magazine, second, they know how to select the best stuff out of the world of Magazines.

An interview and a view of the kitchen of APARTAMENTO's editor OMAR SOSA, six pages CHRIS WARE, and his drawings do tell more than a thousand words! An Interview with SAGMEISTER AND WALSH a design team par excellence, and much more. THEY JUST KNOW ALL THE COOL PEOPLE, and what is nice too, THE PRICE which is 7,50!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Many prophesied that the printed book would be doomed by developments in digital media. Far from it! The book has not only survived, but as tactile qualities have gained significance in our increasingly digital world there is also more unhindered experimentation with bound paper pages now than ever before. 

 This book is structured into five chapters that each represent a key role that print plays today: The Storyteller, The Showmaster, The Teacher, The Businessman, and The Collector. From personal projects with the smallest print runs to premium artist books or brand publications, the selection of work presented here celebrates the tactile experience. Featuring innovative printing and binding techniques as well as radical editorial and design concepts, this work explores the distinctiveness of design, materials, workmanship, and production methods—and pushes their limits.

To coincide with the release of Fully Booked: Ink on Paper, Gestalten is pleased to present the eponymous, international group show Fully Booked: Ink on Paper - An Exhibition of Design and Concepts for New Publications, running from March 14th until April 21st, 2013. This Gestalten Space exhibition showcases more than 200 innovative books and other print products at the vanguard of a new era for printed publications.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Alla Carta is a bi-annual publication that approaches food as an incentive to take a bite of diverse cultural phenomena. We truly believe in paper, carta in Italian. At a time when the web may appear to be the only valid avenue of communication, we want Alla Carta to be an ode to the most precious of mediums. On paper, we will explore the single thing that brings us all together: food.

this is an extraordinary food magazine, not only by content but the look and the feel are amazing

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Not all  magazines directed at men come across as both slik and intelligent, PORT does! Not only it aims to inform men on current trends in fashion, travel and stuff to possess, but it does so in a rather uncommon way. At least twice a year they choose a guest editor. For this edition they managed to secure the cooperation of DANIEL DAY-LEWIS, and the theme is FILM. Printed on both glossy and matte paper, carefully designed, the magazine lures you into it's pages. The DDL part is packed with little snips of information; Almodovars madrid, sequence design, history of film, DDL's favorite film, actors, film performances, a paper trail of moviemagazines and an interview with director PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON the man behind There Will Be BloodThe Master, Magnolia and Boogie Nights.

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Friday, April 12, 2013


Design for Museums, Theaters and Cultural Institutions

 This book takes an inside look at graphic design’s main playground and proving ground—working for cultural institutions. One would be hard pressed to find another area of graphic design in which the work is so fresh and experimental and so often serves as a precursor for future visual trends.

Introducing: Culture Identities features outstanding poster campaigns, publications, and cross-platform corporate design for international cultural institutions by both young designers, who are striving to prove themselves creatively, and established studios, who are experimenting with new forms of visual expression. 
In the book, readers not only hear from designers who are especially active in the cultural field, such as Bureau Mirko Borsche, the New York-based studio 2x4, James Goggin, and Johannes Erler, but also from notables on the client side including MoMA, the Barbican, Van Abbemuseum, and Documenta.

With its selection of striking collaborations between innovative designers and visionary cultural institutions, Introducing: Culture Identities presents the field of visual identities for cultural clients as a continuous dialogue that pushes the limit of what is possible creatively.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Kinfolk, Little White Lies, Das Magazin, Hunter, ID, Purple Fashion, Self Service, A Magazine, Port, Vogue Paris, Code, VMAN, Anthology, Frankie, Uppercase, Lucky Peach, Steel, Colors, Frieze, I Love You


Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This spring issue of the special food mag The Carton from Beirut is about olive oil, midnight feasts, skiing in the Libanese mountains and the food afterwards, kitchen drawings by Dima Boulad and includes the usual great recipes.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FLAMINGO: celebrating doing-it-yourself

FLAMINGO is back on our shelves. We missed this charming magazine that 'celebrates doing it yourself'.
This is all about D.I.Y: brewing beer, tattoos, growing mushrooms, urban farming, making glasses and an article about tools.
Everything is beautifully illustrated with drawings and photo's.