Saturday, March 30, 2013

ANZA - about East-African Architecture and culture

ANZA MAGAZINE is about East-African architecture. The theme of this latest issue is 'My City', how do East-Africans see their cities?
In Korogocho in Nairobi the streets have been drastically improved which initiated a whole new rollerskating culture. Camilius T. Lekule gets interviewed about the new architecture in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, there are articles on the cities of Rwanda, the farmer's market of Nakasero in Uganda and the East-African Culture in London.

Friday, March 29, 2013

BUTTONED-UP by Fantastic Man

Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom are the guys behind Fantastic Man and Butt. They made a book about the upper button in East London, the history of buttoning up and famous people who are known for using the upper button.
They interviewed Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys who is famous for buttoning up his shirt. 'There's a top botton, so why not use it?' he says.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


It's difficult to find such a good independent publication for FREE.
SUBBACULTCHA! is named after this cool Pixies song and fills Amsterdam and The Netherlands with the best gigs. The mag has interviews, record reviews and an agenda for upcoming shows.
They have a monthly subscription (7 euro) which allows you to attend all the shows. 
In Holland we have a saying when something is for free: It's for the cat's cunt. 
So come over.


                                            Issue #85 is available in the newscenter again!

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Recensie: WORKS THAT WORK #1

Works That Work is een nieuw, klein, bescheiden blaadje dat er op het eerste gezicht charmant, maar niet echt onderscheidend uit ziet. Maar dat is het wel: het wil onze kijk op de wereld positief beïnvloeden. Overal om ons heen, zegt WTW, is creativiteit te vinden, je moet alleen leren om het te zien. Van Mumbai tot Drachten, in dagelijks werk, op straat en in conflictgebieden. Alsof dat motto nog niet ambitieus genoeg is richt WTW zich ook nog eens niet op een enkele afgebakende doelgroep, maar op iedereen. Dat is lef. Door karianne bueno.

Het sociale effect van creatieve ideeën

Ik word direct geprikkeld door de eerste pagina's, waarop in korte stukjes het sociale effect van een aantal bijzonder creatieve ideeën uit de kunst-en designwereld wordt toegelicht. In São Paulo versierde graffitikunstenaar Alexandre Orion de beroete wanden van een tunnel met doodskoppen. Hij gebruikte slechts een klamme doek, met zijn tekeningen het vuil wegvegend. Niet lang daarna besloten de autoriteiten tot het schoonmaken van de tunnel – wel jammer, maar hard nodig.

Eind jaren negentig bombardeerde een groepje kunstenaars een blok straten in Manhattan tot museum. Dit Museum of the Ordinary omvatte alles wat zich toevallig op straat bevond: prullenbakken, zebra's, straatlantaarns en putdeksels. Passanten, die nu opeens museumbezoekers waren, werden geconfronteerd met museale conventies als naambordjes bij de verschillende objecten.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Last friday we had the 2nd edition of our Live Magazine PEPPY MILLER. During Boekennacht ('Book Night') the magazines we sell came alive.
Poet T. Martinus was present the whole night making notes which he used at the end of the night to perform a new exclusive poem about the event.
Our favourite illustrator Gijs Kast (known from his Istanbul drawings collected in his book 'Basibos') was illustrating the audience during the night. 360 Magazine collects news articles from around the globe and translates them into Dutch for their two weekly publication. They did a news quiz with the people in the store and everybody won a free subscription for the mag.
Ilona Verhoeven read a story about the amazing old photographs she collects from people she doesn't know. The Options! store showed us the latest trendy gadgets they sell.
Students from the ROC Jeansschool were on the catwalk showing what they designed lately with denim. The new erotic magazine Extra Extra from Amsterdam showed us their pages.
There were readings from Dutch writers (old and new): Thomas Verbogt, Hannah van Wieringen, Wim Brands, Cathelijn Schilder and Marc Robbemond.

The evening was a lot of fun with wine and beers and music by DJ Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz.
You had to speak Dutch to understand it all, but we wanted to give you a glimpse of our fun night. 

Pictures by Rogier Taminiau. 


If Kinfolk and The Plant had a baby together it would probably look like WILDER QUARTERLY.
We wanted this title in the shop for a while and now our mission is completed, there's a pile of it and we are already waiting for the spring issue that's due out soon.

In the winter issue you learn about special bird houses to keep our winged friends warm, Alaskan songstress Kate Earl learns us how to filet a salmon, Chef Magnus Nilsson is interviewed about his spectecular restaurant, a recipe for Calendula salve to protect you from the cold.

Then there are flowers, plants, gardens and food to dive into on the beautiful pages of this exciting new title.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

STEPHEN JONES curates A Magazine

Inviting generations of British and continental talent to express his universe not only through their eyes but through their hands, the British milliner Stephen Jones has dedicated his issue of A Magazine Curated By to Anna Piaggi and the art of illustration. Stephen’s issue delves into the worlds of drawing and design in a kaleidoscopic oeuvre filled with archival and newly commissioned works from artists and designers, students, teachers, curators, performers, academics, a tattooist and a manicurist – all of whom are first and foremost his very good friends.

From a titillating centerfold with Dita Von Teese by David Downton to Nick Knight’s floral christmas cards and the industrial designs of Zaha Hadid, Raf Simons or Ron Arad, A#12 approaches illustration from many perspectives. You will find the process sketches of designers from Marc Jacobs to Thierry Mugler alongside student works and the musings of fashion curators Olivier Saillard and Valerie Steele, as well as works from the crème de la crème of fashion illustration from Gladys Perint Palmer to Howard Tangye, Barbara Hulanicki and Tony Viramontes.
A Magazine Curated By Stephen Jones invites you to look through the page and down the rabbit hole with the mad hatter – in an elegant whirl of colour, line, creativity and humour.

Monday, March 18, 2013


At this moment THE SHELF #2 is the biggest stud on our design shelf. It's paper, layout, articles, binding and printing is simply stunning. It's about books and the design of books.
Coming from France, The Shelf Journal is published in French and English. If you love books and design this is for you. Magpile called it one of ten best new magazines of 2012 in their annual magazine awards.
We are already looking forward to #3.

Friday, March 15, 2013





Thursday, March 14, 2013


A magazine celebrating bicycles and the people who ride them, BONESHAKER comes to our store from Bristol and this is the 3rd issue we stock from it.
In #11: tall bikes, Emma Shoard's travel sketchbook, Keirin races, a poem by Henry Charles Beeching, illustrations.
Boneshaker is a very cool bike magazine for people who have a heart for bikes and the many different cultures that exist around this mode of transport.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

An ode to ice cream - KINFOLK #7

With this 7th issue of KINFOLK the artists & friends that make this magazine just struck the right cord. Spring is oozing from the pages, no wonder when you choose ice cream as your leading theme.
But the makers of this very special magazine succeed in lifting a fairly mundane subject to a complete different level: the ice-cones are filled with beautiful flowers and grasses.  A Recipe  for sea-salted lemon ice cream & Sea Harvesting of crabs, completed by a hilarious mugshot photoshoot of people and there dietary confessions.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


New in our store: DAY JOB An exploration of working life MANIFACTURE

This first issue starts with a mission statement, not only in the editorial, but  by looking at the cover: a man in a dress (maybe a monk) looks at his recently sprouted plants with such pride that  immediately convinces me he has grown them himself. Its quite obvious this magazine is meant for people who have ever held a job that they loved ! Due to the theme of this first issue (MANIFACTURE)  we are privileged to look inside workshops,little factories, studios & inside the hearts and heads of people that do there job with dedication.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

TISSUE #3 - sexy German art magazine

TISSUE is a sexy art magazine from HAMBURG, and as we said many times before, you have to be German to make such a thing work. Below you can see a video with a slow flip-through of this 3rd issue from one of our most teasing titles.

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TISSUE N° 3 flip-through (Extended Version) from TISSUE on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The second issue of The Alarmist is available now at Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum.
More short stories than poetry in this #2. It has a great layout, young upcoming British writers and a contemporary attitude comparable to The Believer and Das Magazin.
Literary magazines are dying to make room for innovation with titles like The Alarmist.
We spoke with the editors when issue one came out - read the interview here.

Monday, March 4, 2013

books by M.I.A. & PHARRELL

2 contemporary music icons in the making and their books full of creative ventures besides music, art, graphic & design.

Order M.I.A.                           Order Pharrell

Sunday, March 3, 2013

lucky contents, food after the apocalypse

a quarterly journal about food and writing

before and after THE APOCALYPSE

When David Chang -the initiator of LUCKY PEACH- sets its mind to something
its hard to talk him out of it. So after seeing the documentary COLLAPSE, a documentary
about how energy resources will fail and civilisation as we know it will collapse, he insisted in making issue dedicated to the APOCALYPSE. Luckely it consists a different parts, the first half is pre-apocalyptic, then there is a sweep of art and creativety and then the zombies take over. Its not unserious but also hilariously funny, filled with crazy recepies and tips; can your own food, the art of preservation, saving seeds for planting, material resembling edibles and much much more!


This printed format refines our online presence to give a concise insight into contemporary design and photography, celebrating creative individuals who are at the forefront.

Our second issue offers an invitation into the studio of Two Times Elliott, as well as words from Mat Dolphin. Coupled with this is a selection of some of the most influential imagery that is helping to shape our expanding visual culture.

Friday, March 1, 2013

recensie: BOAT #4 - Athens

Begin Boat Magazine te lezen op pagina 9 en verbazing valt je ten deel. ‘If you find yourself walking through central Athens this year,’ staat daar, ‘you are bound to pass by the white easy-wipe surface of the city’s latest food fad: the frozen yoghurt shop.’ Yoghurtijs? In Europees probleemkind Athene, de stad die al jaren in brand staat? Je zou denken dat daar wel wat beters over te vertellen is. Dat denkt Boat gelukkig ook: doom and gloom en gemeenschapszin. Door kelli van der waals.

Even een paar pagina’s terug, naar waar de editorial uitlegt waar Boat over gaat. Anders dan de titel suggereert hoort dit magazine niet thuis tussen de zeilbladen, en omdat niet iedere kiosk dat begreep is ‘Athens’ de ondertitel. Deze keer dan, want de Londense redactie neemt ieder halfjaarlijks nummer een andere stad als thema, waar ze dan integraal voor een maand heen verhuist om er ‘positief en gebalanceerd’ verslag van te doen. Anders dan die eerste zin op pagina 9 doet vermoeden, lukt haar dat best goed.

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