Monday, February 4, 2013

interview with TOM TOM MAGAZINE

We are excited to have Tom Tom Magazine in the store now! It comes from Brooklyn and is only about female drummers. We stock many titles but never thought there would be such a magazine.
The last issue is about drum corpses. There are interviews with Emi Morimoto from Shonen Knife and Anna Schulte from Crocodiles, drum exercises, record reviews and gear reviews.
We asked editor-in chief Mindy Abovitz some questions about her cool and special magazine.

Wow a magazine about female drummers, never imagined that it would exist. How did you come up with this idea? Are you a drummer yourself? 

I am a drummer. I have been drumming for 12 years now and was never interested in picking up a drum magazine. I started Tom Tom Magazine because I recognized the need for the representation of female drummers in a male dominated industry. I felt that woman drummers were left out of the existing media or if they were represented it was poorly (i.e. picking the same female drummers to cover over and over again or showing us scantily clad). 

Who is your favourite female drummer? Who is your favourite male drummer?

 I don't pick favorites.

When you go to a live gig, are you focused the most on the drummer? 

Yes. Most definitely. I pick a spot in the club where I can see the drummer best. Usually it is close to the front and a bit to the left of the drummer. I like to see them playing from the side to check out their technique and still be able to see their performing self. 

What was your favourite record from last year? 

I have been listening a lot to Deap Vally (Los Angeles), Haim (LA), zzz's (Japan), and The Zombies (oldies band!). 

Which magazines do you like yourself? 

I love The New Yorker, Economist, FADER, Wilder, Put a Egg On It, Randy, OP, Cabinet, INC, Fast Company and New York Magazine (to name a few!)

 (Valerie Scroggins from ESG)

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