Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WE ARE HERE investigates Dubai

We Are Here comes from Dubai, it's a magazine that will pick a different city for each issue to explore it's underground, streetculture and other face. In this first Dubai issue, street art, poetry, short stories, background articles on for example third generation kids and being a DJ in Dubai.
The special thing about We Are Here is that all the photo's are made with an iPhone. This way it feels like you are traveling through the city in a contemporary way through the eyes of one of it's citizens.
Our friends at Magpile calls it one of 2012's ten best new magazines and gave it an honourable mention in their annual Magazine Awards:

A beautifully simple and deliberate magazine. It's lo-fi and yet it's completely modern—it fits into today's way of seeing the world. It feels utterly relevant. (Matt Willey)

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