Tuesday, January 8, 2013

men men men & MORE MEN

We sell more and more masculine magazines that are not macho, but sophisticated and sensitive;

PORT is such a magazine that tickles the modern man in all the right places, with a combination of looks, gadgets, literature & machines. The cover model is WILL FERRELL maybe better known in the States than in Holland for his Bush imitations on the Saturday Night Live shows.

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Maybe also directed to females, but with a manly feel to it; the season edition of the MONOCLE,
dedicated to snow and snow leisure.
 Focusing on everything 2000 metres up, the supersized Alpino is full of heart-warming stories, rugged reports, toasty tales and black-run adventures.
Edited by Monocle’s London team, highlights for 2013 Alpino include:
* Ten essays for mulling and musing over, from bobble hats to Arctic thrillers.
* The cable-car makers with ideas above their stations.
* The art of Romansh – we visit the remote Swiss valley where, when the snow falls, people bunker down for the winter.
* Japan’s elite snow patrols – we get cold-weather combat training from this Nippon crack force and discover how a dead raccoon can keep your rear guard dry and cosy.
* Icelandic revival – Sophie Grove catches up with the home-grown entrepreneurs helping to put the island back on its feet.
* All friends in the north – we join the international delegates at an Arctic Council meeting in a tiny town in northern Sweden.

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