Wednesday, January 30, 2013

KOSOVO 2.0 about sex in the Balkan

Kosovo 2.0 is a magazine and media platform from Kosovo that aims to give a voice to the country's youth, which they see as silenced and disenfranchised. They want to change the media landscape and bring true stories from young people and make their voice matter. It is published in Albanian, English and Serbian.
The latest controversial issue is about sex and how people experience their heterosexuality and homosexuality in the Western Balkan. They launched this issue in december in a youth club in Pristina with readings from contributing writers. The magazine's staff received threads during the day from a group of extremist Muslim men. When the launch started the group came into the club and smashed televisions, monitors, projectors and DVD players. One editor got beaten up.
You can see what happened in this rough video below:

The magazine has guides for flirting with Balkan men and Balkan women, personal stories from gay people who experienced violent and negative reactions to their sexuality, prostitution, rape, sex in the cinema, transexualism, an article from an Albanian writer who looks back on a sex story he wrote in his youth and how he sees it now, female bloggers about being a woman in the Balkan and also very important: 10 tips to get laid in that area.

Kosovo 2.0 is special, daring and important. For only 6 euro's you get an interesting, harsh but often funny look in sexuality in the Balkan.

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