Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is tomato sauce Chinese?

Lucky Peach #5 

Chinatown Issue's contents: Harold McGee ferments rice into wine, David Chang lays out an argument for why Chinese front-of-house service rocks, Rachell Sumpter contributes a fold-out scroll painting, and Roy Choi and Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese contribute recipes. There's a dim sum guide, and Martin Yan, the flashy TV chef who seems to be having a bit of a comeback these days, tells his story.  

"In issue 5 of this very enjoyable journal, includes interesting facts on travel, fun-filled ideas and tips, and much more. In addition, the colorful photos are stunning, and the mouth-watering recipes are worth preparing. The essays are thought-provoking, and the journal inspires, page-after-page. This issue of 176 pages entertains from beginning to end. The perfect gift for family and friends for any occasion. A gift of pure joy that you can simply read over-and-over, and a Great conversational piece for your coffee table. Delightful, refreshing, and Highly Recommended!"

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