Wednesday, November 7, 2012

interview with Paco y Manolo from KINK MAGAZINE

We have KINK in the shop since a couple of months, it's created by Paco y Manolo, two photographers from Barcelona. We asked them a couple of questions about their nice magazine.

What inspired you to start a magazine? Why not publish a book with the photo’s?

In 2004 we published the book "Common People", the result of an exhibition with nearly 200 portraits of naked people at home, we found the models via advertisements in the press. After that we didn't stop making nude pictures. Later we decided to use this material that we were accumulating. We did it through a fictitious magazine that we showed during an exhibition in Barcelona, the name was  Kink. A collector saw it in the gallery and suggested to invest the money that we needed to make it in a real magazine format. With the benefits that we got from the sale of the first issue we made the second one, and so on. We were inspired by the "Common People", but also by American gay eroticism magazines of the 70s like the Purple Sex  and small publishers like Nieves Books and the Butt. .. We consider Kink, rather than an erotic magazine, a magazine where anonymous people show their privacy. If ever there is a book of Kink, it won’t be edited by us. We don’t have enough infrastructure.

How do you meet the guys you photograph?

We never ask anyone to pose for us. We prefer that the boys of Kink really want to do it because they know the magazine. They contact us via Facebook, email or sometimes on the street or in a club. We never say no to anyone,  everybody can be in our magazine, we don’t look for a kind of man.

Which gay magazines do you read?

We don’t usually read  just gay magazines. We like gay magazines like Kaiserin, Spunk ...  but we love magazines in general  and we check everything  that come to us.

What is your fascination with the male nude?

We love the nude in general and not only male nude. We are gay, but in projects like "Common People" we photographed women and men. Also we made the Kink sister magazine, the Marikink, dedicated to the female nude, we only published a number because it was hard to recuperate the invested money back. The last years, all of our work is about the nude. The clothes are a mask and we like it that the people face our camera without the mask.

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