Friday, November 30, 2012

PERDIZ - a new zine from Barcelona

Perdiz is made in Barcelona and is similar to Bad Day, Komfort Mag and Shoppinghour. It's full of nice stories, art, illustrations and photography. This is the first issue. They say that Perdiz is about people and what makes them happy. "Happiness is contagious" as they say on the cover.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Travel Almanac #4 ////// Smith Journal #4

This season The Travel Almanac is purple and has director Harmony Korine on the cover.
He talks about travelling, also Walter van Beirendonck does that and also Kalyp Linzy. Then there are 12 hotels reviewd, Japanese lacquerware, Ippodo Tea Co. and the department stores of London.

Then there's Frankie's brother The Smith Journal from Australia. It falls somewhere in between Inventory, Monocle, Kinfolk and The Heritage Post. 
Craft, becoming a dad, Joseph Banks, building a smokehouse, a record collection with a million titles, Palestinian beer and Tool's frontman about making wine. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Graphic # 24 Amsterdam Issue

We're glad the Amsterdam issue of the Korean Graphic is in! Its a subjective guide to the city.
From the editorial introduction:
 What is a city? The description of a city must be as diverse as the people in it, a multiplicity of definitions, networks, landscapes, cultures, histories, policies... If we look from the perspective of the designer, what is Amsterdam then? A flat landscape? A free territory for radicals? A kingdom full of bikes? A location with generous subsidies? A place for outstanding education? An infrastructure in crisis? It is probably all of the above mentioned things all at the same time. Whatever the definition, there happens to be a large number of designers in Amsterdam, some born and bread, others come from abroad for the schools, and others again simply come to work for a few years to get to know the people and the city. In fact, there are frequently designers based in Amsterdam featured in Graphic magazine. Admittedly, this also has to do with network in contemporary scene of graphic design.
What's going on here in Amsterdam? There's a wide range of angles in this issue.
Graphic portraits John Simons -Idea Books managing director and the pioneering world distributor of independent and art publications, based in Amsterdam.
Also an attempt by Michael Rock and Jan van Toorn to understand the gap between American design and the European approach in which Dutch Design plays a leading role.
Warren Lee is interviewed, immigrant designers, interesting photo's of the city, the context of the Provo movement in the sixties and it's visual appearance, neighbourhoods and a map for this engaging subjective tour. There's a lot going on here!
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Get in touch with reality via I LOVE FAKE

Fake is better and cheaper than reality: we love I love fake like you love I love fake. It's the hottest fashion mag in the store this week, it's flying out and not because of this damn storm!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Little White Lies, the coolest film magazine ever, comes with a special about THE MASTER. In 3D, glasses included to view the layout of the articles and the cover in 3D. The Master is this highly anticipated new Paul Thomas Anderson film with Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymore Hoffman. A 5 star review and interviews with the makers.
Then the review section is a treat again as well: Xavier Dolan's Laurence Anyways, Haneke's Amour gets well reviewd, Vinterberg's Jagten /The Hunt gets a sharp inspection, Yorgos Lanthimos' masterpiece Alps gets the credit it deserves and Yorgos is also interviewed. Furthermore Rust and Bone, The Pool, Great Expectations, Hit So Hard, Seven Psychopaths and Keep the Lights On.

Also check out the new SIGHT & SOUND for reviews and articles on The Master. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

our LIEVERDJE in truck accident

Athenaeums favorite little fellow got hit by a truck this morning!

Quickly some pictures from his proud past to resurrect him again :-)

© most pictures Emilie Franse Athenaeum Boekhandel

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is tomato sauce Chinese?

Lucky Peach #5 

Chinatown Issue's contents: Harold McGee ferments rice into wine, David Chang lays out an argument for why Chinese front-of-house service rocks, Rachell Sumpter contributes a fold-out scroll painting, and Roy Choi and Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese contribute recipes. There's a dim sum guide, and Martin Yan, the flashy TV chef who seems to be having a bit of a comeback these days, tells his story.  

"In issue 5 of this very enjoyable journal, includes interesting facts on travel, fun-filled ideas and tips, and much more. In addition, the colorful photos are stunning, and the mouth-watering recipes are worth preparing. The essays are thought-provoking, and the journal inspires, page-after-page. This issue of 176 pages entertains from beginning to end. The perfect gift for family and friends for any occasion. A gift of pure joy that you can simply read over-and-over, and a Great conversational piece for your coffee table. Delightful, refreshing, and Highly Recommended!"

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Recensie: MARK #40, The Japanese House

Zoals meer mensen ben ik een heimelijke wannabe-architect. Had ik iets meer beta-gevoel en beter ruimtelijke inzicht, dan ontwierp ik duurzame cabins die samenspelen met hun landschap en verzon ik slimme oplossingen voor overbevolkte steden, in plaats van mijn impulsen te botvieren op de inrichting van mijn te kleine woonkamer. Bladerend door het Nederlandse architectuurblad Mark steekt dat verlangen onvermijdelijk de kop op. Hier niets dan imposante gebouwen, slimme constructies en aantrekkelijke huizen van over de hele wereld. Als je ze niet zelf had willen maken, dan zou je er op z’n minst in willen wonen. 
Door kelli van der waals.

Het tijdschrijft zelf is een robuust bouwwerk: groot, zwaar en gebonden met roestkleurig linnen. Op het voorblad prijkt een architectonisch logo, binnenin staan mooie lettertypes en foto’s die hun object eer aan doen. Je hoeft nauwelijks van architectuur te houden om warm te lopen voor deze plaatjes. Ook voor de lezer is het goed toeven in Mark, dat met een stevige hoeveelheid artikelen kijkt naar wat er gaande is in de internationale architectuurwereld – al begeleidt de tekst doorgaans het beeld, in plaats van andersom

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Coffeeshopification, antifragility: 

het nieuwste wat ertoe doet.

The Alpine Review is, anders dan je op grond van de naam van het blad zou verwachten, geen tijdschrift over alpinisme. Alpine is de manier waarop: ‘observing the things that matter’ met een blik van boven af. En alpine vanwege de onverwachte uitzichten en structuren van bergen. En omdat die met enorme tectoniche verschuivingen tot stand gekomen zijn. En Antifragility is het thema dit nummer - zoals het stoere meisje en het wild ogend draaimolenpaard op de omslag? Dit tijdschrift stelt je op je gemak en verrast: een rustige vormgeving, kleine katernen, mooie fotografie en veel leesvoer. Hier ben je niet zomaar mee klaar. 

Door reny van der kamp.


Sommige artikelen trekken direct mijn aandacht. Coffeeshopification, wat zou dat zijn? Dat we meer koffie drinken op hippe plekken? Dat je echt een klantenkaart moet hebben van je favoriete koffiebar als je mee wilt doen in de hippe wereld?
Het stuk heeft een prachtig openingsbeeld. Twee mensen, type ‘urban’, in een licht cafĂ© aan een houten tafel, bakstenen muur, alles donkerblauw, grijs, hout en wit. Koffiebekers, kannetje, glazen water. Ze kijken naar een landkaart van Zuid-Amerika die aan de muur boven hun tafel hangt. Maar het interessante is: het gaat over onderwijs. Hoe moeten onderwijsinstituten zich klaarmaken voor de werkelijke digitalisering van het onderwijs? En hoe zou zo’n instituut er dan uit moeten zien? Misschien wel als die favoriete koffiebar. Dat is de stelling.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

OBAMA on the covers!

Obama is on the covers! Here is a selection of some good ones. The ever beautiful The Believer wins the price for the best cover, you can order it here. If you want to order the rest of the titles, please contact us for availability:

(The New York Review of Books)

(the spectator)

Friday, November 9, 2012

interview with THE CARTON

We are proud to announce a new magazine in our store: The Carton from Beirut. We found out about it a couple of weeks ago and we instantly knew this was something special, a welcome new title in our selection of independent culinary mags. 
We asked editor Jade George a couple of questions about her magazine.

What inspired you to make a magazine?

We’re lovers of print ourselves. There was an absence of a good niche periodical that portrays Middle Eastern culture from an alternative angle.

The Carton is a food magazine, but it also seems to be quite political. Was this a conscious choice?

The Carton is a quarterly publication about Middle Eastern culture. We’ve chosen food as a vehicle to express anything about this culture. Be it socio-political or anthropological or through history and art…

There seems to be a movement in food magazines, more and more interesting titles appear and the Carton is one of them, Which food mags do you read yourself? And do you feel affiliated with them?

The slow journalism movement in print has brought about many titles with a philosophy similar to The Carton’s. I appreciate any effort in making an independent publication with strong editorial and visual identities. Fire & Knives is amongst the food culture periodicals that I enjoy reading. Outside this category however are brilliant ones such as Delayed Gratification and Boat magazine.

Which article in the last issue of The Carton are you the most proud of?

I’ve been wanting to do a piece on the people behind the corner shop for years now and finally got to do it, so I’m pleased about that. There’s great material in the Autumn issue. “Eating Picon in Prison” is a piece that touched us all. It’s a memoir of a young lady who was in one of the Lebanese prisons for days. There’s a feature on Polish milk bars in our passport section, which is where we leave the Middle East for a short while and discover food culture elsewhere. You’ll come across some good bits by people who’s work I personally respect such as wine guru, Michael Karam, and the outstanding chef Joseph Abboud.

What is your personal favourite recipe? And do you want to share it with us?

I find it difficult to answer questions about your favourite cuisine or meal or restaurant, and ironically even more so after doing restaurant critiquing for some years. I guess it would have to be something from Lebanon and something as simple as a thyme manouche with a bowl of labneh and golden Lebanese olive oil. Or a humble rustic mdardara – I like it when they use bulgur instead of rice to blend with the lentils and spices and top it off with some crispy onion bits. That with a side of creamy yoghurt or a fattoush salad will do just fine.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

178 nice designers, 178 aardige ontwerpers in het nieuwscentrum

Hatsjoe! Het is weer herfst. De tijd van niezen, hoesten en proesten staat weer voor de deur. Het grote snotteren gaat beginnen! Om het lijden wat te verzachten heeft Voor de Aardigheid een oplap-pakketje samengesteld voor alle snotneuzen in het land. Een gratis pakketje waar je je neus niet voor ophaalt. In het pakketje vind je een paar handige middeltjes en een speciaal Voor de Aardigheid 'Oplaprecept'.

En ze hebben ons uitgekozen als plek waar je je snotneuzenpakketje kunt halen,  dus haast je naar ATHENAEUM NIEUWSCENTRUM op het spui 14- 16, want de oplage is klein!
Ahchoo! It's autumn again. The time of sneezing & coughing  is just around the corner. The large snivel is about to begin! In order to soften the suffering 178 nice designers made a oplap pakket compiled for all runny noses in the country. A free package is yours to pick up in the Athenaeum Newscentre spui14 -16 . In the package you will find some useful remedies and special for fun Oplaprecept

PAPER PLANES #5 limited numbered edition

Paper Planes comes twice a year from Paris and is always based on a song the editor chose. Issue Five just came in. It's full of colours, fashion, Boy George, supplements,photography, Pauline Binoux and FARIDA KHELFA.
We have a pile of hand numbered limited edition copies wrapped in gold foil.