Wednesday, September 19, 2012

heritage post issue 3

We are surrounded by mass-produced products, from fashion hypes to Swedish interior design. Short-lived and usually pretty boring. Or is it superficial luxury and status symbols, fashion trends and expensive  brands.  Authentic is something else. With originality & exclusivity  this has nothing in common. But where are the products that are associated with a history, a passion, a craft? 
 They do exist. That's the beauty. That's probably the most amazing! The jeans that you are missing are a deep blue, made of premium cotton., genuine leather and a long tradition of craftsmanship.
With this men's magazine, we want to make it easier for interested people to find such products. 

Therefore its quite an educational magazine, which would help you to ensure that products are re-estimated, production routes and prices are understood and the reader can form their own opinion and style. We want to present  a consistently of good style in all aspects of life. We will show you special things, new products, as well as almost forgotten vintage products that are beautiful.Just as  men ... sometimes.

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