Sunday, August 5, 2012


Meatpaper doesn't consider itself a food magazine, but more a magazine with lesser-known tales about meat. There's poetry and illustration but also quite a few recipes: cranberry meat loaf, squid and peas, the Italian winter meat dish bollito misto and the Turkish dessert tavuk göğsü made from chicken and milk that has existed since the Ottoman Empire.
There's an interview with Hungarian cook Nicolaus Balla, he works at Bar Tartine in San Francisco and talks about pork fat and paprika, blood sausages and restaurant culture under socialism.
Meatpaper also made an Edible Cartography: a map and index of national dishes worldwide.

It is actually a magazine about food and it's culture, and it's one of the best we stock.

(Adrian Brun, Butterfly Collection, 2007 - Meat in casting polyester)

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