Tuesday, July 3, 2012

THE SHELF - Publishing design, the cult of the shelf

The Shelf comes from France and is published bilingual - French and English. It's a great new magazine in every way - beautiful paper, typography and images. It's about books, typography, design, publishing, print and covers. 
In their own words:

"Why start a paper journal about books at a time when the internet is calling into question the average Westerner’s innate materialism, and at a time when the price of a book-as-object puts off devotees of free knowledge on the net? What is becoming of bound volumes today - that foundation of our society, those keepers of our history?
With the dematerialisation of editorial content, the practice of design within books is taking on an even more important dimension. Whether insignificant objects or works of art in their own right, books create through their different forms and stories a unique bond with those who read, consult and own them. This almost physical connection was the reason for creating The Shelf Journal.
Part place of worship and reflection for paper lovers, part experimental platform for designers, typographers and other graphic designers, The Shelf Journal explores the essence of our libraries’ charm: the limitless variations in form of this unique object."

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  1. Nice design art work as always!I really like your creativity keep it up...