Monday, July 16, 2012

THE PARIS REVIEW #200 with Brett Easton Ellis

This is issue number 200 from one of America's most important literary magazines. Published quarterly, THE PARIS REVIEW has the best new prose and poetry for 50 years now. It never followed fashion - it has always been looking for the unique, special and outstanding whether it was the new young promise or something that would never be hyped.
There's an extended interview with writer Brett Easton Ellis in #200, he talks about all his novels and the parallel between his characters and his own life, his favourite novel, not fitting in with the writer's scene of New York and making a biopic about his friends who play in a band called Duran Duran.

Have you ever made money with anything other than writing?


Further on an interview with screenwiter Terry Southern. A funny short story by Lorrie Moore and a beautiful poem by Susan Barbour about seeing insomnia as a lover you can't get rid of. 

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