Friday, July 6, 2012

MOTHERLAND - A spooky issue full of ghost stories from India

Motherland is the first magazine on Indian pop culture, counter-culture and subculture. The new GHOST STORIES issue just came out.

In this one:

From Punjab to Sikkim span the tales of a young army recruit who became an exemplary ghost soldier.
How the Ramsay Brothers became Hindi cinema's doyens of gory low-budget horrors in the 1980's and where they are today.
Photo's of Dak Bungalows, the haunting spaces of remote, colonial rest houses.
With the growing use of the internet in India, ghostwriters have emerged as entrepreneurial entities.
How a widespread scam in Uttar Pradesh is cheating people out of their lives and land rights and has turned them into spectres of society.
Plus: The Indian Spook Directory - ten archetypical ghosts and spirits of the subcontinent.

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