Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The new Wax Poetics is fully dedicated to its origine; hip-hop. If you ever thought it was dead, or in a deep coma, this issue proves it is not and brings it back to life. Discussing the post hip-hop state we are in and passionate writing about the past and future of rap music. Giving light to old-school artists like Coke La Rock and Kurtis Blow, new-school artists we've never heard of to NAS & Master P who grace the cover. There is also a Dutch contribution by Van Splunteren's legendary 80ies hip-hop documentary; Big Fun in the Big Town, a rare glimpse of New York's golden age. While his boss (VPRO broadscasting company) only allowed him to play two hip-hop records every hour, he tried to make people understand that this music was really cool music, but some people just didnt get it!
Read this Wax Poetic and you will, if you didn't already.

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