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For the People, By the People is a visual story about how people influence change in the city. The collapse of faith in top-down planning has been followed by a renewed interest in the self-generating wisdom of bottom-up urban initiatives. What does it mean when people act as the urban change agents that direct the life and death of the world’s cities? Fusing her photography with a manifesto-like text, architect Afaina de Jong marks the people in the streets as the starting point of all urban trends and cultural innovation. And calls upon us all to become architects of our environment.

Afaina de Jong (1977) is an architect, writer and photographer based in Amsterdam. Afaina believes in the practice of an architecture that goes beyond just making buildings. She is a creative do-it-all when it comes to space and the city. With her company AFARAI, which she founded in 2005, she has worked on a diverse set of projects, translating street culture and urban lifestyles into urbanism and architecture. She has worked internationally with the likes of AMO-OMA/Rem Koolhaas, the Hakuhodo Think Tank HILL in Tokyo, and MARK Magazine. For more info,

Ultra de la Rue is an independent publisher dedicated to going beyond what is usual or ordinary. Ultra de la Rue publishes distinctive books that bring together the best work from the street worldwide. Today, the streets are a breeding ground for emerging talent and trends, and we aim to capture this work and create a context for it to flourish.

The official OPENING of the Ultra de la Rue Creative Space in the Red Light District and the FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE book launch is Saturday June 16th from 15hrs-21hrs at the Oudekerksplein 30 in Amsterdam. 
Feel free to come by!


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