Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cronenberg's Cosmopolis in SIGHT & SOUND

Robert Pattison is on the cover of Sight & Sound this month, he's the main character in David Cronenberg's difficult new film Cosmopolis. Jonathan Romney interviewed the director and wrote an insightful article on this loved and hated film, comparing the film with the original novel by Don DeLillo. Cronenberg talks about the strange use of dialogue in the book that inspired him to make the film. Also he talks about the absence of outside noise in the film and what that adds to the world of the main character.
There's an article on the Cannes film festival, reviewing Haneke's new film Amour and Ridley Scott's Prometheus gets investigated by Kim Newman.
Also in this issue all new British releases get reviewed, like Silent Souls from director Aleksei Fedorchenko, Moonrise Kingdom, Dark Shadows, Polisse, The Source and Red Lights. 

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