Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wolfgang Tillmans and the history of the manifesto in Cine Qua Non #5

Cine Qua Non is a bilingual (English/Portugese) mag from Portugal about music, theatre, cinema, literature and visual art. 
In issue #5 Ana Mendes writes an essay about her theatre project Self-portrait, her first play that is not about the other but about herself and how much she wants to share of that. Now that the play is successful she has to tour with it across Europe and share even more of the self portrait.
Julian Hanna writes about the history of the manifesto and where it is now - mostly in magazines.
Wolfgang Tillmans writes about the influence that acid house and the digital photocopier have had on his work. He also writes he is greatly inspired by magazines because of the immediacy of the medium: "You can find it anywhere, it can travel much easier than an exhibition". 
There's also an essay on Wong Kar Wai's movie My Blueberry Nights by Jose Duarte.
Cine Qua Non is a smart magazine that covers many grounds with a beautiful typography and layout.

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