Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Believer is The Best

From our collection of international literary magazines, The Believer is probably the biggest stud. Published by McSweeney's from San Francisco, it always has a stunning cover with illustrations by Charles Burns. It has a great layout inside and is printed on “Roland Enviro 100 Natural” recycled acid-free heavy stock paper. 
Nick Hornby has a popular monthly column about the books on his night stand, "Things I've Been Reading" and Greil Marcus has his monthly column "Real Life Rock Top Ten". 
In the new issue the winners of The Believer Book Award and The Believer Poetry Award are announced. Heather Christles' collection The Trees The Trees wins, here is a quote from the poem "My Enemy":

I have a new enemy   he is so good-looking   here
is a photograph   of him in the snow   he is in the 
snow   and so is the photo

There's also a great poem from Michael Dickman in this issue called "White Migraine" and further on artist Katerina Seda gets interviewed about the problem with art, the problem with the world and the problem with money.
The most striking text comes from Daniel Handler who compares poems with teenagers in his column "What The Swedes Read":

...poems are like teenagers. They dress up funny but they all kind of look the same. They say obvious things in incomprehensible slang. They come on strong one minute and the next minute refuse to tell us anything. They traffic in vast sensitivity, even hysteria, all the while obsessed with keeping cool. They won't settle down and talk to us like grown-ups. In short, they're exasperating. It's no wonder we all wrote poems in our adolescence. You did so, I saw you. 
 Still, they give me much pleasure - I'm just talking about poems now - and I don't really want my poetry to grow up. When I come across poetry that has straightened itself out to conduct itself like an adult without any nonsense, it makes for very stale reading, as does the stuff that has disconnected from passion and impulse in favor of intellectual gamesmanship.

The Believer is The Best.

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