Friday, April 27, 2012

ACQTaste & Put A Egg On It

We have Put A Egg On It back in the shop, printed on green paper this magazine from New York is about food, cooking, art and eating together with friends. 
Issue #5 has recipes for ramen noodles, black bean chicken soup and a chicken curry. There's an article on what people collect in their kitchen, like a guy named Otter who has a huge hot sauce collection. 

A new culinary title in the shop is ACQTaste ('aquired taste'), which also has recipes (beef tongue with scallions and lemon sauce) but focusses more on the people who run restaurants.
Dave Mitton tells his story about how he worked himself up in Toronto in the cocktail business, became a specialist and how he created his own bar. 
Koren Grieveson tells about her two restaurants Blackbird and Avec in Chicago and how she maintains the atmosphere there, the menu, the clientele and the special bond she has with her colleagues. Sasha and Jarek have a gig in their house in Ithaca, upstate New York and show how they cook for the audience.
ACQTaste is an inspiring mag for people who love food and the people behind restaurants.

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