Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mc Sweeney's Thirty-Nine

Yeah, it's in!
A mission statement of Vaclav Havel on the back; about resistance, values, humanity, tolerance, solidarity, reason and responsibilities. Inside a longer essay about politics and conscience.
Also Tom Barbash about the man who helped the Shah of Iran in his last years. His name was Bobby Armao. The last sentence is an answer to why and how he helped the Shah.:
"If you're drowning, you grab a life raft, and there was nobody in the end. I was the one who was around, so he grabbed onto me. I was the life raft".
Roberto Bolano, Elmore Leonard,two inserts with photographs, letters and stories from Julie hecht, Amelia Gray and Stephen Elliott....Much more and all in a classic book this time...

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