Monday, February 27, 2012

textile wonders

Although life seems to be all about looking forward, it can be rewarding and inspiring to look
back and draw on the Past .
And that's exactly what the editors of SELVEDGE did in this brand new issue; a palette of a rich textiles and traditional clothing is shown to us & the whole issue is arranged around the words MODESTY & MATURITY words you can almost touch & taste!


Friday, February 24, 2012

162 minutes in W H O L P H I N # 15

We have the new Wholphin in the shop! As the subtitle already explains, this magazine is a DVD with rare and unseen short films from all over the world. All filmmakers are interviewed to get a view inside the making process.
This issue has some great films, the Swedish animation Tord and Tord by Niki Lindroth von Bahr is a beautiful poetic story about the friendship between a rabbit and a wolf that share the same name.
Mary Last Seen is a short thriller by Sean Durkin which was a study for his main feature Martha Marcy May Marlene. It is beautifully shot and well acted. 
Another interessting film in this issue is Jay Dupless' moving documentary Kevin about the disappearance and rediscovery of Austin musician Keven Gant.
11 films,162 minutes, published by Mcsweeney'S. 
Below some trailers...

Mary Last Seen:

Tord and Tord:


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh Wow! the new Gentlewoman issue 5

"The Gentlewoman is a fabulous biannual magazine for modern women of style and purpose. Featuring ambitious journalism and photography of the highest quality, the magazine celebrates inspirational, international women through its distinctive combination of glamour, personality and warmth. The Gentlewoman offers a fresh and intelligent perspective on fashion that is focused on personal style – the way women actually look, think and dress."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Der Schöne Mann - Das Magazin

 Der Schöne Mann is a beautiful new fashion magazine from Bremen. This issue has interviews with Berlin photographer Joachim Baldauf  and designerin Lena Melzer. Also they have an ABC for beautiful men included. Here are some pictures of the magazine:


An average tuesday afternoon at the Athenaeum Newscentre

Monday, February 20, 2012

Kim Gordon in CLASH magazine

Ex- Sonic Youth rock veteran and style icon Kim Gordon explains her relationship with fashion in the latest issue of CLASH. "I want to be able to utilise being who I am (...) I want to control it and not feel controlled by it. I don't want to be industrialised like Madonna - I mean not that I could be". Kim plays with her new band Body/Head at the OCCI on sunday 26th. Also in this issue lots of album and track reviews, bands to watch and a look inside The Walkmen's studio, where they are currently recording their new LP. ORDER NOW

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mc Sweeney's Thirty-Nine

Yeah, it's in!
A mission statement of Vaclav Havel on the back; about resistance, values, humanity, tolerance, solidarity, reason and responsibilities. Inside a longer essay about politics and conscience.
Also Tom Barbash about the man who helped the Shah of Iran in his last years. His name was Bobby Armao. The last sentence is an answer to why and how he helped the Shah.:
"If you're drowning, you grab a life raft, and there was nobody in the end. I was the one who was around, so he grabbed onto me. I was the life raft".
Roberto Bolano, Elmore Leonard,two inserts with photographs, letters and stories from Julie hecht, Amelia Gray and Stephen Elliott....Much more and all in a classic book this time...

Friday, February 17, 2012

a magazine about QUEERS AND CINEMA, mostly


"Our cover commemorates influential underground filmmaker George Kuchar who passed away in September 2011, with an interview between George and critic & curator Ed Halter featured in the magazine. Also in this issue: an interview with Weekend director Andrew Haigh; visual artist Marlene McCarty talks about her career including her work with Gran Fury and the New Queer Cinema; Terence Davies’ Video Library; editor Sam Ashby investigates Derek Jarman’s set designs for Ken Russell’s The Devils; artist Scott Ewalt reminisces about his experiences of Times Square’s long lost burlesque theatres, porn cinemas and erotic revue bars; a reflection on the career of horror director Andy Milligan including never-before-seen photos of him on set; an essay on Gregg Bordowitz’ Fast Trip, Long Drop; Celine Sciamma talks her latest film Tomboy; and cult filmmaker David DeCoteau discusses how he ended up making ‘horror movies for girls’. Plus a special illustrated supplement by Mike Mills, director of Beginners.
Contributors: Charlie Beesley, M Blash, Jon Davies, Terence Davies, David DeCoteau, Scott Ewalt, Mark Finch, Andrew Haigh, Ed Halter, Eric Jones, George Kuchar, Ryan Linkof, Mary Manning, Marlene McCarty, Jimmy McDonough, Mike Mills, Celine Sciamma, Adam Shecter, Rebecca Thomas, Stephen Thrower & Carl Williamson.
128 pages, 138 x 216mm. Limited edition.

"Little Joe has already earned itself a cult following... The magazine documents both the emergent history of gay film, how it evolved, what it meant and where it stands today."

"For a look into cinematic history with a decidedly queer eye, you could do worse than picking up the beautifully designed Little Joe. The magazine gives overlooked movies an idiosyncratic new outing."

order now

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Echo's uit de toekomst

Met het omslag van deze week plaatst VN zich midden in een rijke historische beeldtraditie; de vraag is of de geportretteerden zich ook kunnen identificeren met hun illustere voorgangers.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day with LOVE Magazine!

The new issue of LOVE arrived today on Valentines's day. Now our shop window is full of LOVE.
Issue #7 has Linda Evangelista on the cover and Miuccia Prada, Lindsay Lohan and Azealla Banks inside.


Monday, February 13, 2012

green soccer journal #3

Issue Three of The Green Soccer Journal focuses on what it takes to be a professional goalkeeper in the modern era; the pressures and responsibilities involved, and the mental strength needed to survive what can be a parlous undertaking. We speak to some of the games top shot stoppers in Bob Wilson, Tim Howard and the most expensive goalkeeper of all time, Gianluigi Buffon. They discuss their feelings toward the position, the highs and lows they encountered, and the real reason they went for the gloves.
Issue Three also introduces a new shorts section, showcasing snippets of football culture and classic games to keep you occupied over the winter months.

A celebration of the Umbro Speciali 92 collection by The Green Soccer Journal from The Green Soccer Journal on Vimeo.


Friday, February 10, 2012


This London based magazine comes out every month. Call it ID magazine's little hysterical sister. Every page is stuffed full with information on what is hot and happening in the world of fashion, music and new gadgets. So don't be discouraged by the cover, but take a look inside this super cool magazine.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Kaleidoscope investigates The New

In KALEIDOSCOPE the young British artist Ed Atkins is interviewd by Hans Ulrich Obrist:
"A tumorous reality, which might be particularly interesting because it is certainly very hard to apprehend a tumor. You can't really touch it or feel it - at least not without surgery. It's this internal  thing that you cannot apprehend sensorally; it can only be apprehended imaginatively."

With this issue also comes a supplement about photographer Georges Tony Stoll with a lot of photo's and essays about his work. 

Public 44: Where's the Passion?

The Canadian magazine Public ( "ART / CULTURE / IDEAS" ) focuses on experimental media in it's current issue. There's a DVD included with the performance / lecture "Where's the Passion?" by choreographer and filmmaker Yvonne Rainer. Elle Flanders analyses the screenplay in print.


Here's Rainer's 1966 film Hand Movie:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ravishing Rumanian Nonfiction Magazine

DOR is the English language edition of Decât o Revistă.
DOR is a magazine of Romanian nonfiction, written in English.
DOR is a magazine devoted to publishing and promoting long-form nonfiction from narrative journalism to personal essays .
In this second issue:
Being gay in Romania.
An analyses of INNA, the best selling music product in Romania.
Social innovators in Romania.
A gripping story about firefighters in Bucharest.
A photo-essay on uniforms and much more than that; it’s a shining example of what a magazine can be, and it is made by an editorial team that clearly believes in the power of independent publishing.


Thursday, February 2, 2012


What  GUP signifies for  Dutch photography equals the meaning of  PUNCTUM for Asia. This new Photo Magazine  showcases contemporary photography from a Pan-Asian point of view. Each issue aims to present at least fourteen photo essays by Asian photographers. Punctum is not just a magazine about photography, it is a magazine that uses photography complemented by text to portray contemporary life across the continent as understood by those who live there.