Friday, January 20, 2012

Power, Corruption & Lies

Mojo is making itself very loveable this month by including a free CD in this issue with New Order's classic second LP "Power Corruption & Lies" covered by some of Britain's best indie bands. In the issue you find an extended article on New Order's recent reformation and it's many break-ups in the past.Ed Simmons from the Chemical Brothers calls New Order's work "some of the best and most emotional music ever made, whether you're a sensitive student or a football-hooligan".

On the CD S.C.U.M transform "586" into a rave and Destroyer's version of "Leave Me Alone" is not to be missed if this is one of your favourite records too. The most amazing track on the compilation comes from Lonelady covering the infamous 1981 b-side "Cries & Whispers".

Cries And Whispers (Lonelady) by MOJOmagazine

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