Thursday, January 5, 2012

Popshot - The Love Issue

Popshot, the wonderful magazine for poetry and illustration have a Love Issue out. Among some beautiful drawings you'll find Krishan Coupland comparing a new love with 'an accident/ or a funeral / or a surgery / or a heart attack' and Roxanna Bennett's manual for your break-up next week. Good luck.



Or hash it out with hang-ups, callbacks, all caps
emails. Post the extra keys and turn the paintings
to the walls. Burn the evidence. Divide albums,
books, sift through the wreckage. Mine, yours,
mine, mine, mine. Assess the damage.
Find a home for the dog. Unknot the bed
sheets and dig deep in the closet. Separate
the silverware, the knives from the knives.
Shrink back as you walk by. Keep to
the doorways. Finger the ring your
coffee cup left on the dining table,
the spoon you licked titled at a guilty angle.
White daisies wilted in a square glass jar.
Things, all things, only mean when
we see. It's for the best. Change your
address. Change your name. Store what
you can't carry. Chuck the rest.

poem by Roxanna Bennett
illustration by Sam Pash

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