Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Believer 2011 Music Issue

The Music issue of The Believer is out! In last Saturday's Guardian review supplement (very good indeed!) we read an interview with Vendela Vida, the founding creator of this special and beautifully made magazine.

She set the journal up in 2003 with Heidi Julavits and Ed Park. She said:
We wanted to embody our idea of what the magazine was going to do, which was to devote space to books we thought were worth reading. Books we believed in. Heidi, Ed and I would talk endlessly about literature, and the magazine was a way of carrying the dialogue. 
The offices of The Believer in San Fransisco are right across the street from where McSweeney's (created by her husband Dave Eggers) and 826 Valencia (the creative workshop for local kids) are located. Who knows which talent will grow there to fill a new magazine from their sources! Back issues of The Believer are also available at our store.... order now

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