Thursday, July 14, 2011

Athenaeum ♥ Tour de France

The summer has started, more in name than on the thermometer. This means that a platoon of men, their helmet heads popping up over a hedge of sunflowers, is cycling and tumbling toward Paris. In our store the television coverage is on each day and after the finish we delve into our favourite cycling magazines.


Stunning cycling journalism:

"Sergio Busso is the keeper of a 50-year-old racing bicycle. He doesn't have the number 70 which had been attached to it, but that's really not important. What's important is that he takes care of it, and this he does. It's important to Sergio because it was the bike his father died on."

 Available here

The Ride

A journal of personal stories about how bikes have changed people’s lives. Such as a a 500-mile bike trip:

"The truth, as both of us knew full well, was that I wasn't concerned about the trip, but our relationship. I was worried that if we stopped in one place too long he would have time to look into my eyes and realise the journey had changed nothing."

Available here


A new magazine about the lifestyle of the urban bike, like fixies. With photos by Michael Martin:


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