Saturday, July 30, 2011

Drie eindexamentijdschriften, één opgeblazen tuinbroek

Vorige maand studeerde een flinke nieuwe lichting modeontwerpers af (alleen in Nederland waren het er al 94). En dat staat elk jaar weer garant voor een reut modeshows die stukken experimenteler zijn dan de halfjaarlijkse parades van de grote modehuizen. Van met plakband aan elkaar hangende schoenen tot eierdozen die als hoofddeksel dienen: je vindt het op een eindexamenmodeshow. Het Amsterdam Fashion Institute, de Haagse Academie van Beeldende Kunsten en de Academie van Antwerpen leverden niet alleen kleding af, maar ook een afstudeertijdschrift. En die tijdschriften bleken juist verrassend professioneel.

Door nathalie wouters.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


PRIVATEER ACCORDING TO PRIVATEER: Privateer is for mountain bikers who already know the obvious; for riders who have paid their dues in sweat and dust and broken bone, and are irrevocably hooked. If you’ve got mountain biking and it’s got you, a deep emotional connection exists that is agony to even try and explain: a permanent bond with the trails, the sounds, the fear, the great outdoors, the beads of sweat, the coffee and cake, the beer – a bond between rider, bike and terrain that grips forever. You do not want to be told what to buy, how to ride or where to go. You much prefer to get closer to the spirit of the thing. We aim to remind readers why they got into mountain bikes in the first place and why they continue to love it.



Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum komt met een noviteit: een eigen virtueel recensietijdschrift, MAG WHISPERS en dit is het nulnummer... Veel leesplezier!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Collection a Day

This week we received a special book. Featured by Uppercase this is a book in a tin. Lisa Congdom had a blog on which, each day from the first of January 2010 till the 31st of December 2010, she showed a collection of daily items like erasers, hair pins, dishes, numbers, buttons etcetera. Seen as a collection you become aware of the beauty of each item. Knowing Uppercase this is a special project. The blog is still online: As the book comes in a tin, you can use the tin to collect. Anything. order now

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Travel Almanac: on temporary habitation

This week we were pleasantly surprised by the arrival of a stylish new travel journal: The Travel Almanac. It comes with a 'travel log', empty pages in the back for you to fill up as you would with a Moleskine notebook. If Fantastic Man and Apartamento had a baby, it would look like this. We talked to the mag's proud conceiver, Paul Kominek.

The magazine in one sentence...
A bi-annual publication focused on travel and temporary habitation as experienced by artists, musicians, writers, gallerists, theorists and filmmakers.

The article you're most proud of...
We were of course very pleased that David Lynch agreed to speak with us and be our inaugural cover star, but also equally grateful that amazing personalities like Andy McCluskey of the band OMD, designer Rinko Kawauchi, art dealer Javier Peres, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and atrist Terence Koh took the time to share some of their personal views on traveling, views they previously hadn't gotten a chance to share publicly.

What fuelled you while making this issue?
The albums of Will Oldham provided us with a great soundtrack during the conception of the magazine, and really helped to keep our moods somewhat calm during the finals weeks of production. Beyond those records, we fully trusted in the power of the japanese drink "Calpico" to guide us toward the finish line.

What are the perils of starting a new magazine?
I think the main motivation to start a magazine should always be a giant interest and passion for a specific topic and the lack of other publications that might cover those particular interests. If you can be passionate about something to such an extent that you´d like to read about it, it´s likely that there are other people who share your interest. Conceptually, once you find that gap there isn´t so much to worry about. The perils involved with making that vision a reality are more of a technical nature: how to deal with graphic design, distribution, spreading the word. But all of these aspects are manageable obstacles, as long as the initial idea can keep you motivated to see the project through to fruition.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Believer 2011 Music Issue

The Music issue of The Believer is out! In last Saturday's Guardian review supplement (very good indeed!) we read an interview with Vendela Vida, the founding creator of this special and beautifully made magazine.

She set the journal up in 2003 with Heidi Julavits and Ed Park. She said:
We wanted to embody our idea of what the magazine was going to do, which was to devote space to books we thought were worth reading. Books we believed in. Heidi, Ed and I would talk endlessly about literature, and the magazine was a way of carrying the dialogue. 
The offices of The Believer in San Fransisco are right across the street from where McSweeney's (created by her husband Dave Eggers) and 826 Valencia (the creative workshop for local kids) are located. Who knows which talent will grow there to fill a new magazine from their sources! Back issues of The Believer are also available at our store.... order now

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Athenaeum ♥ Tour de France

The summer has started, more in name than on the thermometer. This means that a platoon of men, their helmet heads popping up over a hedge of sunflowers, is cycling and tumbling toward Paris. In our store the television coverage is on each day and after the finish we delve into our favourite cycling magazines.


Stunning cycling journalism:

"Sergio Busso is the keeper of a 50-year-old racing bicycle. He doesn't have the number 70 which had been attached to it, but that's really not important. What's important is that he takes care of it, and this he does. It's important to Sergio because it was the bike his father died on."

 Available here

The Ride

A journal of personal stories about how bikes have changed people’s lives. Such as a a 500-mile bike trip:

"The truth, as both of us knew full well, was that I wasn't concerned about the trip, but our relationship. I was worried that if we stopped in one place too long he would have time to look into my eyes and realise the journey had changed nothing."

Available here


A new magazine about the lifestyle of the urban bike, like fixies. With photos by Michael Martin:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Zisisnotaglossy # 5

Launched today; the fifth issue! Again Serge-Henri Valcke made an edgy photo paper. His travels through Tblisi, Gori, his "ontheroadities" and his flea-market treasures.The red carpet in this issue is for Lucas Hillen and for Reny van der Kamp. A wide variety of photo's is guaranteed! order now

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Uppercase #10

 Uppercase issue TEN in store now!

This time two different covers by Christine Edwards.
Curly/ Scooter

Boston/ Lincoln

Mess is More, a view into the creative workspaces and minds of several artist.

 Check out their blog for more creative news from the world of Uppercase.

€ 19,90 order by mail or phone.