Thursday, June 30, 2011


 Lucky Peach is a new journal of food writing, published on a quarterly basis by 

McSweeney’s. It is a creation of David Chang, the chef behind the Momofuku

restaurants in New York, writer Peter Meehan, and Zero Point Zero Production—producers of the

Emmy Award–winning  Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. The aim of Lucky Peach is to create a

publication that appeals to diehard foodies as well as fans of good writing and art in general.

Okay, so there's tons of foodie mags out there. This one really delivers the goods. Imagine if Gastronomica and the old print version of BoingBoing had a love child; that's Lucky Peach.  It sucked me right in with it's A-list contributors, great art, and focused stories. If you're the kind of person who loves Andrew Zimmerman AND Anthony Bourdain on TV but still also clings to their Julia Child DVD set, you want this magazine. (THUS QUOTING THREEMOONS)


Monday, June 27, 2011

PORT magazine: combining art and rock climbing

The intelligent style magazine for men PORT has passed that magic mark in the magazine world: they have published their second issue. Editor Dan Crowe enthusiastically answered our questions.

The magazine in one sentence...
'Art, war, poetry, fashion, food, sex, science, nonsense and rock climbing: all the things we love, beautifully designed and lovingly edited.

Also: we have a sign in the office, it says: Be Normal. Everyone is trying so hard to be cool, different, cracked open with creativity and something to say. Its crazy. Just be normal!'

The article you're most proud of...
'The fashion story on Harry Gesner, an 85 year old architect. No other style magazine would have the nerve to use an 85 year old for a styled fashion shoot. I think it was quite brave of us. He does look great though.'

What fuelled you while making this issue?
'Lots, and I mean lots, of red wine. Music: everything from the theme to The Muppet Show to Chopin.'

What is your favorite other magazine?
'National Geographic for the photography. The New Yorker for the writing. Esquire from the late 60's for the brave covers.'

The second issue of PORT magazine is available now

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Photography Steven Klein
Fashion Director Nicola Formichetti

Cover Line
なぜ今、コム デ ギャルソンはアジアへ?





Friday, June 24, 2011

mars der beschaving

Van een advertentie in The New York Times, de stad vol mecenassen, tot andere beschaafde geluiden;  er komt actie tegen disproportionele bezuinigingen in de kunst. En elders.

voor een overzicht van alle acties: en

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Inventory: curating the beautiful

The summer/spring 2011 issue of the delicate Inventory magazine recently reached our shores. Editor-in-chief Ryan Willms kindly fed our curiosity.

The magazine in one sentence...
'A curation of ideas in product, craft and culture - was that cheating?'

The article you're most proud of...
'I think the trip to New Mexico with designer Yuki Matsuda was really special for me. The trip, the area and the people made it something I will probably never forget, and always appreciate. It was great to have Nicholas Haggard with us to photograph and document the trip in such a beautiful way too.'

In this issue you profess your love for WTAPS packaging. What's your favorite?
'The tubes for the bandanas and the sleeves for their shirts are really nicely done.'

What fuelled you while making this issue?
'I think that being in Vancouver, and with a heavy Asian influence on the culture here, sushi is always apart of our fueling here, as well as an unhealthy amount of Caffè Americanos.'

What is your favorite other magazine?
'Apartamento, the everyday life interiors magazine. The interiors are great to look at, beautiful photography, but also the people they focus on are really interesting. HUGE is probably my favorite publication from Japan - always great editorials and product photography.'

The new Inventory magazine is available now

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

V magazine

For the die-hards..... Today we received the Collector's edition of V magazine, including an exclusive t-shirt. This issue is the Asian issue, and lady Gaga has her first column. Of course we also have the regular issue! bestel

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We live in biblical times

New at Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum; Under/ Current. About art, photography, fashion and inspiring people. We start with issue 5 that has biblical influences throughout the articles and shoots.

"Under/Current is a reflection of our personal stories as we reach out with the truths we have encountered, inviting you to share in them and hopefully inspiring you to find your own."

BLOMQVIST from Under/Current magazine on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A letter about literary magazines

Amsterdam, 17 juni 2011 Aan de leden van de Tweede Kamer, Met verbazing hebben wij kennis genomen van de aanwijzing van de Staatssecretaris voor Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap dat het Nederlands Letterenfonds de subsidiëring van literaire tijdschriften volledig dient stop te zetten (Kamerbrief ‘Meer dan kwaliteit: een nieuwe visie op cultuurbeleid’, 8-6-2011). Als schrijvers voelen wij het als onze plicht u te wijzen op de systeemfunctie van literaire tijdschriften in de ontwikkeling en bloei van de Nederlandstalige literatuur. Kennelijk louter op basis van slecht geïnformeerde mediapublicaties noemt zowel de Raad voor Cultuur als de staatssecretaris als enig argument voor stopzetting van de subsidie een vermeend ‘gering publieksbereik’.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


spring-summer 2011

Having grown up with Staghorn Ferns myself (hertshoorn in Dutch) and harbouring the most gruelling fantasies about my grandmothers Staghorn jumping at me in the night, was a far cry from writing about a Magazine paying ( among other great articles)  tribute to the STAGHORN FERN.
In this multi layered journal you will find photographs, cuttings, drawings  & articles that pay tribute to organic life!

Among the contributers are:
Jennilee Marigomen, Stephen Eichhorn, Lope Serrano, Antonio Luque,
Ignacio Moralejo, Troublesome Houses in NYC, Doubleplants, Amy Wu, Luis Cerveró, My own little Garden, Yukinori Maeda, Diego Bustamante, Sheltens & Abbenes,
Dylan vs Young, Mark Borthwick and monograph on Staghorn Fern.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Lula, girl of my dreams

Tessa, 19 student at Amsterdam Fashion Institute, answers 5 questions from the new Lula, one of our most popular titles.

Describe your favorite shoes for dancing in (from the interview with contributors)
That would be new shiny red shoes with a black ribbon and a small heel that clicks when you dance.

What are your memories of being photographed by your parents? ( from the interview with Mia Wasikowska)
My dad with a camera around his neck, on holiday, making pictures of me and my sisters with all kinds of small animals such as butterflies and rabbits.

So, we’d love to ask some questions about your childhood. Where did you grow up? (from the interview with Scott Sternberg)
I was born in London, but moved to Drachten when I was 6 months old.

When did you first fall in love with fashion? (from the interview with Tao Kurihara)
When as a young girl I saw Snow White darting around with the dwarves in her long yellow skirt.

What do you hope for? (from the interview with Brooke Shields)
For Lula magazine to appear every month instead of twice a year.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Steel Magazine, is a new global fixed gear and single speed french cultural quarterly magazine dedicated to the lovers, the professionals and the trendsetters of the very specific field of bikes.
This new trend that keeps on changing and evolving is full of promises.
Steel Magazine reveals every single aspect of this international and cultural trend by highlighting different subjects such as art, fashion and much more...
Steel Magazine magazine is run by a team of professionals of the press but also skilled and passionate riders in order to provide some quality materials.
Steel Magazine 
is Bilingual francais/english euro 8.20

Saturday, June 4, 2011



This is a little movie about the making of the periodical SOME MAGAZINE..
Made by a group of students of the Halle University, whitout years of magazine making experience, this is a surprisingly mature and beautiful magazine. This second toup de force circles around the theme of STILL LIFE... € 9.00