Friday, January 7, 2011

Father, vader, väter

It is probably a coincidence, but the magazines Geo Wissen and Under the Influence both have a special theme issue about fathers. In a totally different way they both talk about a very important person.

The Geo Wissen (Väter, was sie so besonders macht) talks about what fathers are, what fatherhood is and what makes it special. With a test, bin ich eine gute Vater , you can find out if you’re good at it. I didn’t have a good score, but  that’s ok (I never will be one).

Under the Influence isn’t as practical as the Geo Wissen, here they find fatherhood in art, fashion and philosophy. It is a symbol for protection, security and the holy. But also for power, anger and violence.

Both magazines forgot one very important thing, to mention the best father in the world; mine.

Geo Wissen             €10,80 Bel of mail
Under the Influence €15,00 Bestel

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