Wednesday, May 25, 2016

LUNCH LADY #2: Coloured Turbulence

The first thing that strikes us, reading  the new magazine Lunch Lady, is that it seems to be made specifically by the very same people  the magazine targets: mothers of all ages with kids dealing with lunch, dinner and everyday life. It’s not made by a team of marketing people selling a magazine to a specific audience, quite the contrary, the makers are their own market and they know exactly who they’re talking to. 

The magazine is crafted with a lot of detail. Illustration, photography and text  are spread all over its pages in a graphically pleasing, and very fun, way. There is a lot of colour and there is quite a bit happening on every page: instead of using the mere calm white of paper or the minimalist layout a lot of magazines utilise these days, Lunch Lady’s editors have managed to fill the pages to the maximum without making it all too hysterical. In a way these rich aesthetics reflect the turbulent life of a mom cooking and inventing new things to do for the kids. 

The ink and paper smell good, which is of course very important, the print is beautiful and there is so much attention given to details. There are straight-forward recipes for sushi, pizza’s, cakes and milkshakes.  There’s an article about the forest, the mushrooms and cones and what you can do with them.  Apart from all the food there are pieces on parenting and art for kids. The magazine is slightly similar to the Polish independent title Fathers, yet where Fathers is directed specifically at dads as fans of the outdoors, cabins, camping and bonfires, Lunch Lady is a title that reflects every 21st century, albeit urban of rural, mothers perfectly.

Made by the same team  behind the popular title Frankie and the Lunch Lady blog, this is a magazine that doesn’t follow any trend nor tries to be trendy: it’s real . And clearly it’s made with love. 
The new issue is almost out and soon in the shop.

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