Monday, May 9, 2016

interview with Martin Pashley from UNION MAGAZINE

UNION is a new independent magazine from the UK, it features in-depth journalism and photography and seems a rawer version of HUCK magazine. They just published the second issue. We had some questions for editor Martin Pashley. 

How would you describe your magazine?

We're very content rich, words and photos wise. I think in comparison to some other indie mags we're quite vivid. There's a lot of stories about sub cultures and people doing extraordinary things from around the world. We like to let stories breathe so we'll often give 10 pages to a feature so we can really tell it. 

In the last issue we had features on biker gangs in Oakland, exorcists and Anonymous, this issue we've stories on white squatter camps in South Africa, a feature on a man who spent 26 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit, breakdancing in the UK and fighting festivals in Bolivia.  So it's quite full on. 

The second issue just came out, was the editing process different then with the first issue?

It was. We were more confident about the whole process. the first issue started with just the idea of 'let's do a mag'. As our background is more editorial we knew nothing about the process of or printing or distribution. We learnt everything along the way— - and are still learning.  

Why do you publish in print?

It's the best medium for the stories we want to tell. Our content isn't disposable and having it as a physical object reflects that. 

Which magazines inspired you? Which magazines do you read?

New Yorker, Harpers, Elsie, Huck, SideBurn, Fortean Times. There's so many good indie mags around now, it really is a golden age. 

What is the best thing about publishing a magazine?

The people you meet during the creative process. There's so much talent out there. 

What are your future plans with Union?

We're working on the next edition now. We haven't got any plans for world domination but we are currently looking for office space in extinct volcanos. So if you know of any please get in touch. 

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