Monday, April 4, 2016


Slightly Foxed’s literary and self-titled magazine has gotten ready for spring in a spectacular way. The issue that’s available in our on- and offline shop is the perfect way to begin and end these first climactic, mesmerizing and romantic days of spring. The city’s getting warmer, people are moving outside, daffodils are blooming and trees are budding. It’s the start of a new year and sitting on a park bench reading Slightly Foxed’s literary gems in the shy sun is exactly as fun as it sounds.

This issue features extraordinary stories that include short fiction and essays illustrated with gorgeous drawings – each and every meta level tells a tale for and about real readers. It reeks of London. It reeks of the majestic island across the pond – it’s British in its purest and most blunt. Slightly Foxed might exude an air of the faint-hearted with flowers on its cover, published in an easy-to-handle format paperback and printed on classic off-white thick paper, yet there’s more than meets the eye.

Slightly Foxed is jam-packed with original reading recommendations, humor and critique. It moves its readers to read more: each quarterly - though ‘enough’ on its own and strong enough to survive next to titles such as fellow-British literary mag Structo that’s filled to the brim with original flash fiction, poetry and short stories - Slightly Foxed is an organized sweetly colored revolution that breathes life back into small independent publishing and is an epitome of the passion of reading. It is then not surprising that Slightly Foxed is so much more than a ‘simple’ literary bookmag – even if there is such a thing as a ‘simple’ literary magazine anymore - it was a bookshop and publishing house (unfortunately the first had to close its doors in January this year, while the latter is fortunately still very much alive in Hoxton). They publish new titles in the world of literature and re-publish older names in specially bound editions. All-encompassing, honest and original, the latest issue of Slightly Foxed is living proof of the fact print isn’t dead yet, and nor is literature. In fact, it’s spring, it’s all only just beginning.

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