Thursday, January 7, 2016


There are a lot of magazines that cover a different city or region in each issue. Pet People for example portrays people and their pets from one particular city, Boat Magazine dives into a city with their whole editorial team, We Are Dublin stays at home, Lodestars Anthology picks a whole country while Flaneur investigates one street in one city in particular.

DRIFT goes a step further, and picks one city and exploits its coffee culture. The first two issues were about New York and Tokyo and after great success their new issue is all about Havana. The three best things of the magazine are its beautiful paper, its fantastic photography and its diverse range of stories and different characters. It's not only baristas and coffee shops that pass by in DRIFT: in this issue even Havana's baseball tradition is also covered. All covers of each issue is a black-and-white aerial view of the city in question. Inside, on the other hand, the brilliant and exciting colors of Havana are in-your-face and hard to miss. Time to pack your bags!

Editor-in-chief Adam Goldberg is also the driving force behind the amazing Ambrosia Magazine, where he picks a region and exploits its food culture, by showing all its chefs and their favorite recipes.