Thursday, June 18, 2015

interview with Bas van Wieringen and Anna Zwartjes from PLATFORM PLATVORM

Every now and then a magazine pops up with a strong concept and you wonder why nobody made it before. The Amsterdam based magazine PLATFORM PLATVORM is such a magazine and they have just launched their first issue. Artists send in their work which is published uncensored in one spread. There are no adjustments by the editorial team. We had a few questions for editors Bas van Wieringen and Anna Zwartjes. 

How did you come up with the concept of Platform Platvorm? And why did it turn into a printed magazine?

We came up with the idea because it was something we missed ourselves as artists. When we came up with the concept it felt so logical to us. And we were even surprised that it really didn’t exist yet. The main thought was to create a platform where artists could feel free to do whatever they wanted, to have carte blanche. Also we wanted to let the artists be able to spread and publish their work. We love print and we think it is a great carrier to present the works. It smells great and it is an experience to browse through a printed magazine. If you like a magazine you cherish it and keep it close, like a book, and flip through it once in a while.

You are both artists, what has your experience been with publishing in magazines?

The problem, we find, with being published in magazines is the fact that most of the time the editor changes your work, for example in size, order and design. Of course sometimes it also turns out real nice! And it’s always a positive thing to see your work being published/printed.
But these experiences also led us to make Platform Platvorm Magazine.

Which magazines inspired you? Which ones do you read?

We love Fukt magazine. It is beautifully printed and has great content! Secret Behavior is really surprising. Toilet Paper of course! And a lot more…
These magazines have a sort of free energy that we understand and get excited about.

What are your future plans for Platform Platvorm?

We have many plans for future issues, exhibitions and other Platform Platvorm related projects. We are very interested in working together with other initiatives and project spaces all around the world. We are completely open.

Would you consider asking a curator to select the work for an issue?

If you consider an artist to be a curator, yes.
Otherwise, no.

What is the best thing about making a magazine?

When you press the ‘send button’ to the printer, some time later a pallet arrives at your doorstep, you open a box, take out a copy and hold it in your hands for the first time. That’s amazing!

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