Saturday, April 4, 2015

interview with Euan Monaghan from STRUCTO

Euan Monaghan is the editor-in-chief of literary magazine STRUCTO and a magazine enthousiast. He currently lives in Amsterdam, we see him at magazine events and in the store browsing mags. He always personally delivers the new issue of Structo. We had a few questions for Euan.

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Why did you start the magazine and why do you print it?

I worked as designer, and sometime writer, on a film magazine during my degree. After graduation I found that I really missed it — both the process of designing the magazine, and the atmosphere of collaboration that comes with producing the thing — and so I decided to start my own. A literary magazine was the perfect way to link together my love of books and graphic design. It was always going to be in print. We embrace digital formats, but ink on paper is simply the best way to read magazines. Nothing comes close.

You are currently based in Amsterdam, what do you think of the literary scene in the city?

I used to live near London, and was quite worried about leaving behind such a vibrant literary scene. Thankfully it didn't take too long to discover some amazing things going on here. The Amsterdam-based literary journal Versal has an excellent listing on its site, which should be everyone's first port of call if they're looking to engage with literary goings on. It was my way in.

Which magazines inspired you and which ones are your favourites?

Oh man. The sadly defunct literary magazine Pen Pusher was a big inspiration for Structo. They had a perfect balance of playfulness, quality writing and striking design. Popshot is one of my favourites of the younger literary magazines — they started around the same time as us, and have been carving their own path with great success. Aside from the literary, there are always piles of Little White Lies and Huck strewn around my bookshelves, and The Church of London design team continue to be a big influence. Then there's Boat, Oh Comely, Wired, Intelligent Life, The Believer... 

What is the best new magazine you picked up recently?

Can I cheat and mention two? On the literary front, The Happy Reader is ace. It's a collaboration between the publishing house Penguin and the guys at Fantastic Man. If you love books, this one's for you. Otherwise, the best recent title has to be Another Escape. It's a celebration of the outdoors and of creativity, and it's frickin' beautiful. What's not to love?

What are your future plans for Structo?

We're in a great position: the magazine itself is very strong in terms of content, and the team are working together really well, so I am able to shift my focus a bit towards the distribution and publicity side of things. It's something which doesn't come naturally, but is so vital. We are in the beginning stages of setting up our own small press, and have a bunch of other projects in the works. It's an exciting time!

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