Tuesday, November 18, 2014

interview with Joseph Djenandji from 38 Hours

After two succesful issues on Berlin and Paris, the editors from 38 Hours spent some time investigating our city! The result is an exciting mix of tips with an orange cover, launched last month at Tommy Page in the Prinsenstraat. 
We had a few questions for editor Joseph Djenandji. 

Why did you start a magazine? Where are you based?

We started the magazine, as we saw there was a real gap in the market for a city magazine featuring local recommendations.

Online we deliver curated city trips  with a local approach - the magazine helps us develop the local knowledge and network. We are based in Berlin - a city where a publishing ecosystem has developed including independant publishers  (032c, mono.kultur…) and shops (Motto, Do You Read Me….)

Which magazines inspired you when you started out?

On my end, I blame my foray into publishing on my father who offered me a subscription to National Geographic. Throughout the 90s they had great features on cities. They were also very good at presenting their inhabitants as well. More recent inspirations include San Rocco, an architecture magazine based in Milan, great format. Anything from Stuart Bailey (dot dot dot) is quite impressive in terms of layout. We also noted Dutch Re magazine as a source of inspiration which was quite innovative at the time. 

What was your favourite place when you were in Amsterdam?

We had a great launch event at Tommy Page on Prinsenstraat, his selection of vintage clothing is fantastic, he has great pieces ranging from Cerruti Suits from the late 60s to Levi’s Jackets from the 70s. We also had a great dinner at Rijsel Rotisserie in Oost. 

Which city did you pick for the new issue and why?

We picked London - typically a city that has many facets to it and where you really need guidance. We have great interviews in the next issue : set designers, music producers, film directors, lots of culture...

What is the best thing about editing a magazine?

Receiving the first copy from the printer. 

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