Sunday, October 26, 2014

WORLD YOUTH PRODUCTS #0: access to real India

World Youth Products is an independent magazine from Japan, editor-in-chief Shun Kawaguchi brought it to our shop a few weeks ago. It's a travel magazine focussing on one destination like magazines as Boat, Wearehere and Aortica do. What distincts WYP from these other titles is that they portray young people, their carreers and studies. "In World Youth Products you won't find any TV or internet celebrities. WYP is here to help people think about their lives and where possible, to help them achieve something challenging they found difficult so far", Shun writes in the foreword of this first issue about India.

The magazine has a lot of Japanese text, most of the text has English translation. Hopefully the coming issues will have more translations. There's nice photography and illustration and good articles on young people and jobs. The next issue will be about Denmark.

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