Wednesday, October 22, 2014

interview with Erik van der Weijde from SUBWAY MAGAZINE

SUBWAY is a new small magazine that just published it's second issue. An eclectic mix of short articles with a distinctive design, edited by Erik van der Weijde. We asked him a few questions about his new magazine project.

You publish a lot of your work in zines and you’ve published a few yourself, why do you chose this medium?

I collected zines when I studied photography at the Rietveld Academy, but couldn't find any interesting photo-based zines. So I sort of decided to start making zines that I would like to buy or collect. My photographic work was already focused on series, so the format of publications allowed me to keep these series together.

Why did you start Subway? What’s the thought behind it?

Many magazines disappear nowadays, so I thought it would be the right moment to start one. Like buying stocks when the market's low... I see so many stuff on the social networks and meet many people through Facebook and wanted to compress this never-ending flow of information and meetings back onto paper. I want to connect people through that paper, like a Subway train that connects different stations and neighborhoods without you as a passenger or reader noticing it.

What are your favorite magazines? Which ones inspired you?

Well, living in Brazil means I don't have much access to magazines these days -one of the reasons I spend much time on social networks- but I do prefer artist magazines like Toilet Paper and I recently got kind of into Camera Austria, which offers such in-depth info on quality art photography without following any trends or trying to be hip -very unique nowadays!

In which sequence is Subway going to be published and how many issues do you plan to make?

Because I do everything myself I decided on making 3 issues a year, in January, May and September. I'll probably make 15 or 18 issues in the coming 5 to 6 years.

What’s the best thing about publishing your magazine in print?

Because magazines represent a specific moment in time -usually until the next issue's out- I really like to re-read magazines when they've lost their momentum. I also can give the many images I buy on eBay and flea markets a specific place in this magazine format. So having my magazine in print is for me almost like a diary, or time capsule, filled with images and ideas I collect.

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