Friday, June 6, 2014

interview with Uwe Jens Bermeitinger from TISSUE MAGAZINE

There seems to be a wave of new erotic magazines at the moment, they keep popping up. Last weekend NRC Handelsblad published an article on the scene. It also mentioned the excellent TISSUE made by our friend UWE JENS BERMEITINGER. We had some questions for him about his magazine and we wanted to know if he feels part of this scene.

Where is your magazine based and how would you describe it? 

We’re based in Hamburg - St. Pauli, Germany.
TISSUE is an exquisite art and photography manual at the edge of fashion, fetish and philosophy. 
To keep it simple: TISSUE is about freedom and love.

There seems to be a new wave of independent erotic magazines, do you feel part of this scene? Which ones do you read? 

No, we don’t feel part of this scene. We share good contacts with our little siblings Sova and Irène and we admire Richardson (a bit) but we left that genre ages ago. We’re totally independent but we are not an erotic magazine. But if so, we are the original (if you ignore Richardson).

Which magazines inspired you to start Tissue? Which ones are your favorites?

and BUTT, Purple FASHION, Fantastic Man!

TISSUE Magazine emerged of NUDE PAPER, a filthy fanzine I did from 2009 till 2011.
But my partner and me got into terrible beef. And as success is the best revenge, I created TISSUE Magazine – with the help of Melanie Jeske and Hans Bussert – while we were still fighting with our lawyers.

What's the best thing about making a magazine? 

The best thing about making TISSUE Magazine is to get to know all the other magazine makers, interesting artists and photographers.
And to know, that there are people all over the world that dig your shit.

The other titles from the article in NRC clockwise: Odiseo, Secret Behavior, Baron, Adult, Extra Extra, E.R.O.S. (which was not mentioned but is really good, smart and text based).

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