Thursday, June 19, 2014

interview with Ricarda Messner from FLANEUR MAGAZINE about #3

FLANEUR picks one street in a city and makes a whole issue around it. The first issue sold out in no time and was about the Kanntstrasse in Berlin, second issue was about the Georg-Schwarz-Strasse in Leipzig.
For the new issue they went outside of Germany and chose a street in Montreal. The Rue Bernard issue will be launched next Friday June 27th. We have the new cover already.
We asked founder and editor Ricarda Messner some questions about the new issue, which looks very promising.

How was Montreal? Which street did you cover?

Montreal was cold but we felt right away at home somehow, it is a very welcoming city and the people supported right away the project which made it a lot easier for us to dive into the stories on our street - Rue Bernard.

When will the issue be out?

Next Friday! We are having a launch first in Berlin and then flying over again to Montreal, presenting our issue in Canada. It is always very exciting to see how the people from the city, neighborhood react to the work we do. 

Why didn’t you chose another city in Germany?

It was great doing the first two issues in Germany. Berlin, because we are based here and then Leipzig was a good move to test our concept abroad, in a town we are not that familiar with without having an immense financial and logistical risk.

What makes a street suitable for an issue of Flaneur?

There is no real criteria of how we chose a street.  It’s a very intuitive approach, some streets do something with you right away. The Leipzig one was rather dark, non-inviting whereas the MontrĂ©al one was full of diversity and contrasts which seemed appealing to us this time.

What are your favourite magazines?

Toilet paper - they are doing such great work, even though its plain photography but every picture is almost like a written short story.

Our Winter Issue will take place in Rome and we’d love to get in touch with the people  behind it. Hopefully there is a way of coming together. 

(the new issue will be available soon in the store, the second Leipzig issue is still available here.)

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