Friday, April 19, 2013

interview with surf magazine ACID from Barcelona

We have a new cool surf magazine in our store from Barcelona. Great design, looking at surfing from many angles, nice photo's of the ocean.
We asked editor Olivier Talbot some questions about his magazine.

What distinguishes ACID from other surf magazines?
We don't come from a surfing background so I suppose that's the main thing that sets us apart. We approached surfing quite late, coming from skateboarding and in the mediterranean sea, so nothing too surfy there.
We try to make a magazine that's intellectually stimulating and in touch with contemporary culture but that remains a source of motivation to go surfing and a fun read. On the one hand we want to fit lots of great things that somehow relate to surfing and surprise readers; on the other we'll make you want to go surf.
Why did you start a magazine?
Well it felt like there was not so many publications about surfing we liked, either online or in print and it seemed like a fun project within our reach, so we tried. The magazine format looked like the right thing to do with the perspective we had in mind and we're quite happy with the result.
Why did you name the mag ACID?
It's a tribute to some good friends' skateboarding magazine who've helped out launching Acid. It's called Soma, after the government-fed drug in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. And we like the idea of a slightly corrosive take on our subject matter. 
What’s your favourite place to surf?
La Barceloneta, in Barcelona. It's the whole city's go-to beach, a 5-minutes walk from the office and that's where we learned surfing. I wouldn't say it's good by any standards but it has its days and given it's pretty much downtown it's quite a circus. At least half of what we blog about is from that beach.
What are your favourite magazines?
A couple:
- Freestyler, a discontinued french skateboard and snowboard magazine because it was very funny and later became Soma.
Sang Bleu, because it's very eclectic and singular
Qompendium, although it's not really a mag, was a nice surprise when it came out.
Foam is well done too, a bit formal but really well done
Dank, a norwegian skate magazine that's just right on
Fluff a super funny and well done skate mag from the Netherlands

We like magazines rich and rhythmic, with variety and ruptures but yet holding themselves together. All in all stimulating mags whatever the field.

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