Thursday, December 6, 2012

interview with PUT A EGG ON IT

Put A Egg On It, one of our favourite food mags in the store. Printed on green paper, it's full of good recipes, photography and food culture. It even smells nice.
We asked editor Sarah Keough some questions.

Why did you start a magazine?

By starting PAEOI, Ralph and I were getting back to our zine-y roots after years of working on bigger magazines. We had also been reviewing magazines and books for a while on our blog ( and felt the call to make something of our own again.

Put A Egg On it is published on green paper, why did you chose that colour?

Green is the color of growing things! We also like a lot of color and playfulness in our work.

What keeps you going while making the magazine?

Being able to work with friends and artists and chefs who I admire. It's also pretty great when people write us nice mail.

What are your favourite food mags?

I like Fire and Knives, Gather, Kinfolk, Wilder Quartery... There are so many good ones!

What’s your favourite recipe?

I don't know if I have a favorite single recipe but here is a list of things I like: avocados, toast, strong coffee, having a wide variety of hot sauces in the fridge, perfect fried egg sandwiches, Japanese breakfast, tacos, and cooking meals for and with friends.

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