Sunday, November 25, 2012

Graphic # 24 Amsterdam Issue

We're glad the Amsterdam issue of the Korean Graphic is in! Its a subjective guide to the city.
From the editorial introduction:
 What is a city? The description of a city must be as diverse as the people in it, a multiplicity of definitions, networks, landscapes, cultures, histories, policies... If we look from the perspective of the designer, what is Amsterdam then? A flat landscape? A free territory for radicals? A kingdom full of bikes? A location with generous subsidies? A place for outstanding education? An infrastructure in crisis? It is probably all of the above mentioned things all at the same time. Whatever the definition, there happens to be a large number of designers in Amsterdam, some born and bread, others come from abroad for the schools, and others again simply come to work for a few years to get to know the people and the city. In fact, there are frequently designers based in Amsterdam featured in Graphic magazine. Admittedly, this also has to do with network in contemporary scene of graphic design.
What's going on here in Amsterdam? There's a wide range of angles in this issue.
Graphic portraits John Simons -Idea Books managing director and the pioneering world distributor of independent and art publications, based in Amsterdam.
Also an attempt by Michael Rock and Jan van Toorn to understand the gap between American design and the European approach in which Dutch Design plays a leading role.
Warren Lee is interviewed, immigrant designers, interesting photo's of the city, the context of the Provo movement in the sixties and it's visual appearance, neighbourhoods and a map for this engaging subjective tour. There's a lot going on here!
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  1. immigrant designers? really, is this how you word it?