Monday, June 27, 2011

PORT magazine: combining art and rock climbing

The intelligent style magazine for men PORT has passed that magic mark in the magazine world: they have published their second issue. Editor Dan Crowe enthusiastically answered our questions.

The magazine in one sentence...
'Art, war, poetry, fashion, food, sex, science, nonsense and rock climbing: all the things we love, beautifully designed and lovingly edited.

Also: we have a sign in the office, it says: Be Normal. Everyone is trying so hard to be cool, different, cracked open with creativity and something to say. Its crazy. Just be normal!'

The article you're most proud of...
'The fashion story on Harry Gesner, an 85 year old architect. No other style magazine would have the nerve to use an 85 year old for a styled fashion shoot. I think it was quite brave of us. He does look great though.'

What fuelled you while making this issue?
'Lots, and I mean lots, of red wine. Music: everything from the theme to The Muppet Show to Chopin.'

What is your favorite other magazine?
'National Geographic for the photography. The New Yorker for the writing. Esquire from the late 60's for the brave covers.'

The second issue of PORT magazine is available now

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