Thursday, June 23, 2011

Inventory: curating the beautiful

The summer/spring 2011 issue of the delicate Inventory magazine recently reached our shores. Editor-in-chief Ryan Willms kindly fed our curiosity.

The magazine in one sentence...
'A curation of ideas in product, craft and culture - was that cheating?'

The article you're most proud of...
'I think the trip to New Mexico with designer Yuki Matsuda was really special for me. The trip, the area and the people made it something I will probably never forget, and always appreciate. It was great to have Nicholas Haggard with us to photograph and document the trip in such a beautiful way too.'

In this issue you profess your love for WTAPS packaging. What's your favorite?
'The tubes for the bandanas and the sleeves for their shirts are really nicely done.'

What fuelled you while making this issue?
'I think that being in Vancouver, and with a heavy Asian influence on the culture here, sushi is always apart of our fueling here, as well as an unhealthy amount of Caffè Americanos.'

What is your favorite other magazine?
'Apartamento, the everyday life interiors magazine. The interiors are great to look at, beautiful photography, but also the people they focus on are really interesting. HUGE is probably my favorite publication from Japan - always great editorials and product photography.'

The new Inventory magazine is available now

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