Thursday, July 22, 2010

O.K. Periodicals

CALL FOR ENTRIES: THE BODY (O.K. Periodicals #5) TE KOOP IN HET NIEUWSCENTRUM! NUMMER 04:CURIOSITIES ISSUE EURO 15.00 O.K. Periodicals is independently published twice a year and is distributed worldwide. We are looking for exceptional, fresh, pleasantly disruptive, inspiring, creative work in all kinds of categories. This time with the theme: THE BODY. We all have one, we've all seen some. But it's not only the human body we're talking about. It can be a house as well, something fashionable, morphed chairs, crossover art & design between nature and technology, mutated insects, merging body and canvas, 3-D typography... We're looking forward to your ideas and work! (if you're in doubt, don't hesitate but just contact us) Tip us if you see something that should be featured. Theme: THE BODY Submission deadline: August 15th, 2010 (but the sooner the better!) Send to: All categories are welcome! (graphic, design, photography, science, illustration, new media, writing, etc) For your inspiration: Guidelines and specifications here: ABOUT With your help and our community we gather the content for the O.K. Periodicals magazines.The magazine uses crowdsourcing and is thus able to showcase the inspiring works of established and up-and-coming creative talent. Each issue explores a different theme in multi-disciplinary ways.We are always looking for inspiring creative talents whoms work we can show in our upcoming issues. The magazine is founded, curated and designed by O.K. PARKING / Dutch graphic design studio. O.K. Periodicals is independently published twice a year and is distributed worldwide.We regret not being able to reward your creative contributions, but hope that you share our enthusiasm. We offer all selected contributors a discount of 50% on a 1-year subscription. O.K. PERIODICALS / A pleasantly disruptive magazine for creative talent Statenlaan 8, 6828 WE, Arnhem (the Netherlands) / O.K. PARKING / Statenlaan 8 / 6828 WE Arnhem / 026 3639030 LIVE MAGAZINES® / INSPIRATIE / MAGAZINE / FESTIVAL / TWITTER / joostvdsteen

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