Sunday, July 25, 2010

FROG = art

FROG: the form of a 300 pages book: 24 exhibitions reviews, 6 interviews, a new section devoted to architecture, a dozen exhibitions in pictures, some artists special projects, and the chronicles. Contributions by : Olivier Zahm, Eric Troncy, Stéphanie Moisdon, Nicolas Bourriaud, Sinziana Ravini, Renaud Monfourny, Pierre Even, Gregory Cardon, Jeanne Dreyfus, Pierre-Nicolas Bounakoff, Alexandre Costanzo, Paul Bernard, Arnaud Viviant, Nadège Lecuyer, Jean-Marie Gallais, Bernard Blistène, Anne Dressen, Pierre Tillet, Vincent Normand, Fabian Stech, Marie Rotkopf, Antony Hudek, Donatien Grau, Julie Boukobza, Franck Gautherot, Dominique Boudet, Nicolas Trembley, Seungduk Kim, Tiphanie Blanc, Simon de Dreuille, François Decoster, Guillaume Heuguet, Frédéric Martinet. In review : Sturtevant, Meredith Sparks, Pierre Huyghe, Philippe Parreno, «Deadline», Wang Bing, Laurent Grasso, Oscar Tuazon, «Chasing Napoleon», Simon Starling, Bertrand Lavier, André Raffray, Luke Fowler, Ryan Gander, Phoebe Washburn, «60 Yahre 60 Werke», Gregor Schnyder, Peckham artists, Glenn Brown, « 1969 », Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Interviews with : Xaveer de Geyter, Laurie Anderson, Danh Vo, Lynda Benglis, New Jerseyy, Ben Kinmont. Architecture : Toyo Ito, Christian de Portzamparc, Patrick Berger & Jacques Anziutti Exclusive photo sessions : Juergen Teller by Juergen Teller, Franz West by Marina Faust, Adam Kimmel & George Condo by Charles Duprat, Christian de Portzamparc by Romain Bernardie-James, Philippe Parreno by Pierre-nicolas Bounakoff, Robert Longo by Marina Faust, «Deadline» by Giasco Bertoli, Ben Kinmont by Bruno Serralongue, Quai Saint-Bernard bu Laura Henno & Yves Brochard. Special feature : Thierry Mugler’s story by Paquita Paquin, including pictures by Dominique Issermann, interview with Dominique Issermann and Ali Mahdavi. euro 18.00

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